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Updated on October 9, 2010

Life and its wants.

In my article, "SCIENTISTS, SPACE, WATER & LIFE", the other day, I had just missed one single word, or part of it, to make the article ineffective, or at least less understandable.

That word was "uninhabitable"; and it might have made the article a little bit confusing; however, that should not be a problem at all, because I knew that whatever misspelled word that was found in any of my articles, my readers would correct that in their minds.

Yet, the point I was trying to make was obvious, since loads and loads of funding has gone, and still continued to go into space exploration; but it was not producing any immediate result.

Everything has been laid out, or up or down, for the future to take care of; and the program would boost tourism, from which the government would accrue much revenue.

That would be good. Nevertheless, would tourism be the only industry to benefit from the advantages of space flight and exploration? Certainly not.

The aeronautic and other manufacturing and service industries would have an enormous part to play; and that would go a long way to resolve the acute unemployment situation like the one we were seeing today.

In the long run, there might be moon landings again, and even the possibility of landing people on other planets, such as Mars. New raw materials would be discovered; and the new found industry of space flight would open up a new, wide horizon for mankind for more adventures and more discoveries.

The question of population explosion would also be answered, because people could live on other planets; and the scenarios of man improving himself could go on and on, unabated.

Scientists have always had new ideas; otherwise, they would not be scientists; would they? But the common man in the street would also want to see some of his needs met, such as being able to live within his means; and to be a real provider for his family. Wouldn't he?

Presently, he could not handle his own personal economy, because the cost of living here on earth was skyrocketing everywhere he turned; and so, he has been forced to cut corners in everything he did. Therefore, he must also be considered.

He was saying, Scientists, please, find a way out for us down here in the doldrums; so to speak. "We would want to have food on the table for ourselves and our children too.", he was pleading.

Wouldn't that be nice? Life would always have its wants; wouldn't it?


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