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Updated on February 17, 2012


For the benefit of my readers from outside the United Kingdom ,of which I am glad to say who form a significant proportion of the total readership, can I , at the outset briefly explain the UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN. This Union has stood for over 300 years since the formation of the alliances between ENGLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND SCOTLAND AND WALES. Note I list them alphabetically, not necessarily in order of importance or influence.

Back further into more ancient History, these small but significant islands were much fraught over by all sorts of peoples and races. In very broad terms, the basic inhabitants seem to be now lumped together under the heading of "CELTIC" It has always seemed strange to me that these peoples were categorised as being fierce and warlike etc. Despite these labels, which they love by the way, it seems they were not much good at war and defence, being systematically driven out of the best parts of the Island. Some were driven West and formed what we now know as Wales, some to the North to form Scotland, and others fused onto the neighbouring western isle and ultimately forged the Irish people, who, through mainly Religious differences between themselves, split into Northern Ireland and Eire, or Ireland. The peoples of the Northern Ireland over time enjoyed a foray or two across the water, mainly to the less well defended Scotland to the extent that as Celtic peoples both, they infiltrated each other by births, though each retained a fierce independence.

Our invaders came from many parts and play also a significant part in our "mongrelised" make up. The Vikings from Scandinavia left a strong mark, but in all truth no agency defined the Island for the future more than the Romans.THEY RECOGNISED THE NEED TO SET DOWN CLEAR MARKERS AND DEFENCE LINES.HAVING DETERMINED SOTLAND HAD NO VALUE TO THEM THE ROMANS UNDER THE STRONG LEADERSHIP OF THE EMPORER HADRIAN. He wearied of the "terrorist" tactics of the Scots and thus defined the borderline by building a magnificent wall upon which his legions could patrol and keep out the heathens from "over the border". Pretty good it was too at the role and even after the Romans had long departed, successive leaders of the English recognised and preserved it as a clear line of both nationhood and defence.

Moving forward through the centuries, the Scots continued to try to create havoc. Their history is full of brave leaders who drove them forwards to National Glory only to be summarily defeated time after time. William Wallace lost his head which was placed on a pike staff for all to see. Bonnie Prince Charlie was humiliated and the Duke of Cumberland laid waste to thousands in a famous battle, which for some strange reason is revered by Scots as a great notch in their History. Maybe it is because they cling to preserving that so called fierce warrior image that has put them in such dire straits over the ages. However, Scotland has also had calmer, more reasoned heads who realised that more of the same lead only to disaster. Thus, they joined in the Union and since then have, like the Irish and Welsh also, fought their corner in political not physical battles.

All three have been pretty good at that also, though Northern Ireland has always been a maverick state, inclined to return to covert use of bullet and bomb, whilst continuing to mount political argument. The Welsh, left to mine coal and tend sheep, progressed sedately for many years until the mining of coal in their Valleys became uneconomic, and their role undermined in other ways also. The Scots,were left to get on with their own things, helped as ever by funding from London, as were the Irish and Welsh. They took to the North Sea avidly to fish the abundant waters and continue to do so now, despite the despised interventions from the European Rules and Courts. Then, someone else discovered Oil and Gas in the said waters. Millions of GBP "s. were spent in developing the fields and the Scottish economy boomed as they became the base for the operations infrastructures. All was fine, but underneath that so called warlike strain was beginning to grumble. I say warlike, but in all truth it was not at all for it was more like a whingeing child. "It is OUR oil". "It is not fair" "We want more" were typical of the noises emanating from beyond Hadrian"s fabled wall.

Progress is based on change and so, whether correct or not the 3 members of the Union now have their own Assemblies and significant autonomy in the operating of affairs within their own boundaries. Of course, nothing is ever enough for some and currently, Scotland with a Government of Nationalistic aims is flexing those old warlike muscles and DEMANDING independence in full ,lock, stock and barrel. English politicians, through clenched teeth are seeking a political consensus with the Scottish, whilst many of this nation"s people are prepared fully to cut adrift from them and let them wallow in the problems of their own making. Politics is the art of the possible, and our current apology for a Prime Minister, seems to believe that offering concessions to the Scots is the way forward, just as in 1938, his predecessor Chamberlain believed that was the way to deal with Hitler and Germany. It did not work then and will not work now !



Only the English would stand for even the current situation. Members of the N Ireland, Scottish, and Welsh nations also vote in our General Elections and send elected personnel as full blown members of Parliament to Westminster. Thus, it would seem reasonable, given that for English people to also have the same voting rights to the other Governances. Of course we do not for for these so called Nationalists, only a "CAKE AND EAT IT PHILOSOPHY EXISTS" but only for them of course. Leaving both Wales and N Ireland apart for this Hub, and concentrating on Scotland, this outrageous principle is fully illuminated..

Scotland currently has a a political leader, a man by the name of ALEC SALMOND. Salmond is thought by many to be a self pumped up, self opinionated, odious little pipsqueak. What his opponents think of him is not known. He truly is Mr Cake and Eat It. Not content with creating a hideous and enormously expensive Parliament building in which to hold Court, he now rushes ahead playing to his own Agenda only to have the Scottish people vote on a Referendum on Independence. There is no problem with this as the pipsqueak had it in his last Election Manifesto. Clearly, offered the chance to vote on the issue voted for this right. No problem at all, given the chance Turkeys would vote to abolish both Christmas and Thanksgiving ! However, our little fat friend now is concerned that presented with the full facts, the Scottish people will have enough savvy to say "Thanks but No Thanks " to full independence. They will be very happy with the penny and HALF a cake they already have and so Slippery Salmond has realised that if they were so to do, it would be the end of the road for not only himself but the whole Nationalist Party. If that were to happen, he recognises from history that it himself who the dogs would then turn on.

Thus, true to his "Cake and Eat It" principles he comes up with the great idea {for him} of having a second question on the Referendum, namely "Would you like, in the event of no full Independence, to have MORE powers given to the Scottish Parliament from Westminster. Now to be fair, which it is hard to be with Acrimonious Alec, that is not the proposed wording of the question proposed, but that is what it means. So Slippery Salmond looks to put himself in a "Win Win" position. The British PM offers non specified increased powers and that has unnerved Slippery a bit, but he will recover no doubt and press on. Unlike William Wallace, his head will not be severed, but he continues the activities of this meagre and selfish member of the Union that have been in existence for centuries. The British PM says together we are stronger and he is correct. Even so, maybe the time has come for these troublesome northerners to be put them to the test. Give them independence, remove their members from our Parliament ,light the blue touch paper and watch them implode over the next 5 to 10 years and prepare to see them crawling back on any terms they can to rejoin the still strong union and by so doing send out a clear message to others in the Union who may be harbouring, like Slippery Salmond, delusions of grandeur. Whatever happens, it is worth keeping an eye out for developments on this for sure.


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