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Updated on September 30, 2009

public option.

The Senate Finance Committee killing the Public Option idea, which the Obama administration wants as part of the Health Care reform is preposterous; but why; and who's side are the Senators on? 

Public Option part of the bill, if it becomes law, is to cater to the poor and those who have no insurance coverage at all. Should not members of the committee consider them as being "disenfranchised" and therefore their plight needs some attention just as much as the other factors in the proposals that are being looked into by the committee? 

What about the Existing insurance companies; has anyone asked them about the uninsured and what they (insurance companies) will do if the portion of the reform that protects their (uninsured) interest is thrown out? Do they care at all about the 45 to 50 million people who cannot sleep at night, because they do not know where to turn if something happens to their loved ones? Are they ever going to be insured, and if so, by whom, if not the government?

The board members and directors of the insurance companies cannot wait to go back to their $1500 lunches, after they succeed in sabotaging the Public Option part of the reform, and continue living on the hug on the backs of the people from whom their high premiums for their insurance plans are generating so much cash for them. Instead of using those high payments to protect the people that are supposed to be insured by them, they are bankrolling Townhall meetings and Tea Party gatherings; and their lobbyists are interfering with the work that is only meant for lawmakers to be doing; yet, they are being pushed by them (lobbyists) to KILL the Public Option portion of the bill for the sake of Private and other rich insurance companies, whose costs are always skyrocketing.

They (lobbyists) are clamoring for the Republican members on the committee to do their bid; to oppose any semblance of government participation in the insurance business, and that, it will constitute an unnecessary competition, they are telling the whole world; however, the truth is that it will expose the high priced medical service that they offer; which not many people can afford to pay for anymore. They are afraid of the skeleton in their cupboard (from) coming out, and they will do everything in their power to stop it. 

They are the same people behind the radio and TV commercials that are being used to wage a negative campaign that says that the reform is geared to "Social Medicine", and therefore people must reject it.

The AARP is a member supported insurance company; its insurance plans run concurrently with other plans offered by private and other insurance companies, and that arrangement works perfectly well. The government sponsored insurance program will be run the same way. In other words, it will be no different from any other insurance company; so why KILL it? If poor people need health care insurance coverage, it has to be made available to them, by any means necessary.


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    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 7 years ago from florida

      Good Hub. Here is my question: If those uninsured cannot afford insurance now, how will they afford it when it's mandatory. The premiums will not be free, it will only be reduced. What will happen if an uninsured shows up at the emegency room, will they be turned away, possibly jailed or fined?..This Health thing is out of control, I say scap it all and start with something else.