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Updated on September 7, 2011

Must they collectively be a watershed?

September 11th. 2001.; an event that "will live in infamy"; and like Pearl Harbor on 7th. December, 1941, will never be forgotten, just the same.

They were two of the events that have changed the United States, and have alerted it to be vigilant, because there were those who would want America to become extinct.

They were envious of its influence in almost all the world's activities; in innovation and invention, in financial markets, in manufacturing and general commerce; and in almost everything that mattered.

America is a leader, even in politics; and because of that it is envied by other nations, who will do all they can to displace and/or replace it with their nefarious systems. Nevertheless, America will remain true to its constitution that offers its citizens the freedom other nations do not have.

It is, in every sense, the only super power in the world today. There is no match; and therefore Americans must be proud. However, leadership has it advantages and disadvantages, and besides its power and influence, it must also be agile in protecting itself from its enemies.

The 9/11 attacks were, just as Pearl Harbor was, the response of those who hated America's position in the world. Therefore, a nation with so much power must always safeguard itself from whoever would attempt to show any kind of enmity or animosity toward it.

Those attacks did not come out of the blue, as many believe; for they were hatched out of jealousy and envy.

Also, America's financial woes have caused the world's economies to become indisposed, because it was largest in the world, and anything that drastically affected it affected all other economies.

Its economy is presently in dire straits; and the sooner it is repaired the better; or else, it will go from bad to worse not just for America itself, but for all other countries, large and small.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is averaging at a level of 9.1%; and as a result, the whole nation is hurting. The government must work hard to reduce it.

As it is well known, that has partially come about through the recent debates in the U.S. Congress for America's debt ceiling to be raised.

A default of the nation failing to honor its financial obligations was close; but finally, something was worked out to avoid it. Yet, America's credit rating was downgraded, and that has led the country's economy to go in the wrong direction ever since.

The stock markets and other financial institutions, have gone awry; and it would take some time for them to completely recover.

The nation's leader, President Barack Obama, will be giving a speech about the economy and job creation to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8th, 2011. Every person is hoping that it will contain a solution to the nation's fiscal woes; with unemployment being focused on more than any issue. It should be firmly tackled to enable people to find work for themselves, and for their families to start enjoying life again.

Otherwise, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, coupled with the downgrading of America's high credit rating status, must be looked on only as negative events. They would be empty and void, and therefore they must be put behind us once and for all.

Or they must collectively be celebrated as a watershed (turning point) that separated the bad days from the good; days that citizens would be proud of, and in which they could look forward to a brighter future.


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