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Updated on October 29, 2011


in recent period global warming has become a matter of grave concern to the people throughout the world. The earth has never been so much warm as it is now. Some undesirable disasters in nature gives the indications that the planet of earth is day by day getting warm to warmer. The unmeasured quantity of ice that remained deposited in the North Pole and South Pole has started melting.

Second indication is rising temparature in sea water that is causing a great alarm to the lives of mariners. There are many cases of death and damage on the part of sea men and their ships.

Again, the water of the Ganges that springs from the great glacic, the Gangotri is reported to have been decreasing very rapidly for the last few years. Rainfall in different parts of the world has become irregular and uncertain.

From all these signs and indications there would be no reason to doubt that the earth's temparature has been increasing alarmingly day by day and there are so many reasons behind.

Deforestation on a large scale, huge consumption of fossil fuel to keep up the transportation and cooking, using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides extensively for growing crops are regarded as the prime reasons for this global warming.

In order to fight this most undesirable situation sufficient preventive measures should be taken to remove and control the responsible factors by and means whatsoever and reinstate proper means. Adequate global planing has to be made and implemented to fight the fearful global warming.


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