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Updated on April 28, 2011

Enough, Mr. Trump.



While everybody's world was changing, the GOP's front runner Donald Trump's tend to recede backwards to the days when innuendo was king; coupled with fabrication and anecdotal fallacies, used to arouse political fervor to sway public opinion.

The numerous and intense media exposure given him on an issue that has been rehashed over and over again, particularly in the Republican Party circles, was unbelievable and masquerading in nature.

He was doing so, knowing fully well that his actions were uncalled for, as there were more vital issues to deal with by the government of the day.

For several weeks, he has demanded that President Obama has no claim to the U.S. presidency, because he has been born in Kenya; and that he must produce a birth certificate to prove otherwise.

As if that was not enough, he has vilified Mr. Obama on national television programs, and called him, directly or indirectly, a liar right before the American people.

Now, low and behold, President Obama was born in Hawaii, and he has a long form birth certificate to prove it; and that made a mockery of the "birther movement" that has for so long given support and solace to the nefarious allegation that the President of the United States of America was not a hundred percent American.

This bogus organ has nothing, but the irascible appearance of the old racist, fear mongering groups that have existed for so many years, and whose sole aim was to bring down every black American (sorry, African American), who has fought so hard to acquire any type of prominent status in society; and to deprive him of the slightest respect that he was due.

Well, many people liked Mr. Donald Trump, in spite of his mendacious attitude about how much he was worth or not worth; and it would be a kind of honor for him to rise to the occasion of leading the Republican Party into the future, if that should occur.

His not yet so clear ambition about his political aspirations has made many New Yorkers proud, if it was for no other reason than just for him to be a "home grown boy".

Yet, should it be the birther group that he should align himself with to get to where he wanted to go? I doubt it; because in doing so, he was creating a sizable baggage for himself.

Their (birthers) ideology was not what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about, which undoubtedly pointed America in the right direction; the tolerance of people, no matter what their color.

No one, in his right mind could picture Mr. Trump carrying the banner for a bunch of
ignoramuses, who could never, never get through their thick skulls that all men were created equal.

What was inside a person was what mattered, more so than what was showing on the outside of him (or her).

From now on, he should assume the notion that he owed President Obama an apology, for making negative remarks, and for saying what was not truthful about him; as well as for all the unnecessary rage he has caused the whole country. Also, for being so delusively divisive. The whole rigmarole was politically unhealthy, and therefore it has to stop somewhere, Mr. Trump.


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