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Updated on October 11, 2012

... So, why now, Mitt?

Obama and Biden must gird up their "loins" to get through the remaining debates successfully and overcome "the rich, famous and powerful" genre in the country that is determined to "buy" the 2012 presidential election with almost all the wealth it has amassed over the years.

They (Obama/Biden) did not become president and vice-president, respectively, by chance. They worked very hard to reach their goals, with the support of the middle class and ordinary working people, who were ready to back them up once again in their reelection bid.

So, there should be no disappointments of any kind in their delivery in the debates, one of which has been scheduled for tonight for Vice-president Joe Biden and his challenger, Paul Ryan, the Republican Party vice-presidential candidate.

He, Biden, has the opportunity to put out the facts on the economy that was in free fall, the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that were being paid for on borrowed money by a prior Republican administration, a foreign policy that was failing, and other national issues that they have managed to correct, in the face of an uncooperative United States Congress that has been dubbed "the do nothing Congress", due to its deliberate intransigence toward a Democratic Party elected government.

To say that things were really bad, when it (Obama/Biden pair) took over the White House in 2009 would be an understatement. Nobody could deny that the country was in dire straights at that time, and that stringent measures had to be taken to straighten things out.

He, Vice-president Joe Biden and President Barack Obama, have done it, to get the economy in recovery, with the unemployment rate that had to be lowered to put Americans back to work becoming upward looking, and the housing slump gingering up once again, and notwithstanding the position of people like Romney, who wanted it to go bankrupt, the motor industry that was falling was on its feet and making America proud; and also industrial manufacturing was picking up steam, and its exports gaining ground in world markets.

In a nutshell, that was not a bad report card for any government; and as it was the law of the nation for a government to face a reelection every forth year, they should be given the chance by the electorate to rebuild the economy and to make it even stronger than what they had inherited.

Mitt Romney, in particular, has just discovered the middle class and was making promises to woo its members to vote for him as president. What? Hell, NO.

He has never associated himself with anyone shedding blood, sweat and tears to cater to his or her family; it was below his dignity. Therefore, why now?

He closed manufacturing plants and businesses for a living, depriving Americans of high paying jobs and benefits that the Trade Unions have fought for years for their members; and then outsourced them (jobs) overseas, to China and India, particularly, and sold assets of failing and delinquent companies for profit.

Paul Ryan, his running mate on the Republican Party ticket, has some blue collar background, but he was also a consummated conservative, and he would be adamant to listen to any person that fell outside his political ideology and beliefs; however, that would exclude a large portion of the population, and so, he was not completely reliable.

The Republican Party has mounted a very strong campaign for its two candidates, with huge contributions from millionaires and billionaires flowing into their war chest; it is like water over the Niagara Falls. Then there were private organizations, as well as the superPACs, canvassing for more money than ever before, to support them.

There was no limit to the cash those organizations could raise; and if so, what was happening was, what would they use all that loot for, but to buy huge media time for costly campaign ads to be dangled in front of the masses to lure them to their side.

The oil companies were also pitching in for the Romney/Ryan campaign with their own special brand of ads; with the characters ending up by saying in their line thus, "... I am an energy voter". What kind of propaganda was that?

The gold bullion houses have all sorts of people and actors working to undermine the Obama administration in covert ads, with one ugly looking geezer saying, "... an unstable government printing money to fight the country's financial problems," all geared to vilify the Obama/Biden ticket in the ongoing campaign.

Showing that, if ever there was a class warfare, this was it; with the wealthy or most of them, ganging up against a "government of the people, by the people and for the people" that was bidding for a second term to get better health care and good working conditions for the middle class and working people.

As for Romney, he has just discovered them.

He was full of delightful promises, like creating 12 million high paying jobs, opening up trades with South American countries, and allowing oil drilling for gasoline to be plentiful and cheap, and so on and so forth.

Yet, how he would do all that was still a mystery, because he has no definite plans to back up those promises. Furthermore, he also has no friends anywhere else in the world besides, perhaps, Israel and Poland. In fact, everybody hates Romney, around the world; and so, how would he bring nations together as he was saying on the campaign trail that he would do?.

So, Obama and Biden should be serious in winning the 2012 presidential election, because if they allowed the other side to win, the country would never know what it (country) was going to get.

If the two (Obama/Biden) had a destiny to meet, this (election) was it.


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