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Updated on December 16, 2011

A good one.

Another Republican Party debate has come and gone, with the latest one being the Sioux City/Fox News debate last night; and all the candidates, one woman and six men, each making a very good impression.

Gingrich, the party's front runner, retained his position in the polls; and he did not do so using his academia savvy this time around. He was alert and agile, answering questions without mincing his words. No big, fatty words here, he might have said to himself; but he was able to sound very convincing in the process.

Romney had his background of "business experience" on display again, and he was masterful in espousing it as usual, that he would create jobs and straighten out the economy more faster than any of the people on the stage with him. He was effective in his delivery; and that was very good.

Paul, the isolationist and the hawk among doves, still wanted to move the United States away from world affairs. "Noses in other countries' "business" was what caused trouble," he would usually say. He stressed on that again yesterday.

Yet, the U.S., with its military power, compelled many of those countries that tend to be radical in their actions to behave themselves; like Iran and North Korea, both of whom were pursuing the objective of procuring a nuclear bomb.

World peace would be more fragile without the U.S. advocating its promotion and maintenance (with the help of the UNO, of course).

Santorum stuck with his conservative ideals, and said that he would not stray from them so long as he was president, giving the notion that he was more consistent with his party's policies than any of his rivals.

Huntsman bolstered his position with his diplomatic career and knowledge, and made it clear that it would come in very handy in foreign policy making. However, would it play well in domestic matters, like putting the economy on a firm footing and being able to create jobs to combat the high unemployment; people were asking.

Perry has done marvelous as governor in Texas, by lowering taxes and boosting the economy there; but would that be a match for taking on the whole of the country as president? He threatened to make the U.S. Congress a "part-time" profession for its members, thinking that would definitely change Washington D.C.

Last, but not least, was Bachmann, who challenged President Barack Obama in all his endeavors and from every angle, from the troop withdrawal in Iraq through to his healthcare policy at home; and said that she would do a better "job" of the presidency than any of her colleagues

The Iowa caucuses would determine which of the seven would be the likely Republican nominee to face off with Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

The chances were that they would all be extremely good candidates; but the question remained whether any of them could defeat Obama, after the demise of Bin Laden and Gadhafi.

The media, with all their equipment and an army of strategists, analysts, news contributors and other pollster companies would supply Iowans with all the information they needed to make a decision in the caucus.

They would also give the country the opportunity to have a glimpse of who could possibly be the nation's next Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. armed forces.

However, many were doubtful, if that could happen.


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