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SJW Semantics

Updated on May 30, 2017

Language is important. Controlling the language controls the narrative, and if anyone is adept at speaking in tongues, it is the regressive tone policing of the "progressives." Toning the discourse allows those with agendas for tempering the political and media landscape to their making, like an inelegantly tailored suit crafted by the English language. As a trapper catches animals to make furs, so does the ideologue snare with their buzzwords. The lexicon of demagoguery turns useful words into even more useful phrases that eventually become tools for their ends. The most common we see from the campus pulpits are the following trifecta: Political Correctness (PC), Social Justice (SJ) and Toxic Masculinity (TM).

Without the three previous words, the three following words are essential tenets of a civilised society. Correctness indicates the proper way to behave, emblematic of the Golden Rule: "do unto others as you would have done unto you." It is this act of common courtesy that keeps order and friendship operating throughout our daily lives. Second, comes Justice: this is essential for ensuring that all people from all walks of life can have their voices heard, therefore correctness is backed by the state as a failsafe against any abuse, harm or injustice. Finally, the term masculinity. Which in essence means the condition or traits of a character associated with being male. Both sexes exhibit masculine and feminine traits, although of course, the rule of thumb applies that one gender is more male and one is more feminine.

What happens when you prefix "Political" to correctness? The proper, "correct" way to behave becomes mandated by those who possess a political agenda. Curtailing words, thoughts and actions are at the mercy of tactical machinations of governments, media and of course, those disseminating education. Political Correctness evolves into a format, whereby a way of thinking endorsed by the so-dubbed "Regressive Left" is then dripped down through the required channels, into the minds of impressionable youth. The youth then become the arbiters of "Social Justice."

Social Justice is the current method for which the feelings of the "educated" in college campuses project their feelings onto the wider world. Social Justice mandates groupthink onto civilisation, Justice and those who advocate it see themselves as the moral compass. With emotion paramount over fact, nuance is the first victim. Being unable to read between the lines makes the Social Justice Warrior the convenient and apt tool for broadcasting the message of what is wrong with society, with sufficient explosive emotion remaining to affect protest, police the actions of others in real life and online too, promptly enshrining this into law. As Social Justice is the spawn of feminism, feminist theory posits that Patriarchy - rooted in Toxic Masculinity - controlled the world throughout history and the primary objective of feminism is to topple Patriarchy, along with its bastard son, Toxic Masculinity.

Toxic Masculinity sets up a scapegoat for Political Correctness and Social Justice. It allows the dogma of feminism to highlight a target for elimination - the problem of most of the world's ills, Toxic Masculinity - and works towards its destruction. Combined with Political Correctness (mandating behaviour and words by lobbying government) and Social Justice (with the Warriors acting as "foot soldiers" for Politically Correct narratives, using their feelings to bolster the rhetoric). The target of Toxic Masculinity is whatever aspects of masculinity ideologues take issue with, traits they deem "Problematic." Moreover, we now see this attitude spreading out like an oil slick over an oceanic ecosystem, infecting workplaces, media, even children at school, leading for proponents of this dogma to demand any dissenter to "Educate Yourself." Once this happens and the world is dancing to the tune of this Unholy Trinity, gender, sexuality and any ideas that fall outside this bubble will become unacceptable and that form of totalitarianism is unacceptable!


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