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Updated on September 2, 2011

Must we listen to them?

The argument between the White House and U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Boehner is ridiculous. However, that is not true.

In a way, the differences between President Barack Obama and Speaker Boehner have been exaggerated by people on the outside; and that there was no real altercation of any kind whatsoever.

There was rather a breakdown in the lines of communication; or that seemed to be the version of the White House, that the Speaker was approached to "allow" the president to present his speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress on the same night that the Republican Party debate was taking place. It (WH) did so in a polite manner.

An immediate response did not come, until about an hour later, saying that the scheduled times for both events were conflicting, and also the date for the debate, Wednesday, 7th. September, 2011, could not be changed.

The WH then quickly agreed for a postponement of the presidents speech to be moved to the following day, Thursday, 8th. September; and that was it.

Yet, those people have been making so much fuss about a "disagreement" that did not actually take place, with statements like, President Obama backed down, "when Boehner balked," and "Obama acceded to Republican demands,", according to news reports.

The two men obviously did not see eye to eye only a few days back, when they did not agree after hectic debates to raise the debt ceiling and the cuts in social services to reduce the deficit. However, there was a final bill by Congress to be signed by the president into law for the matter to subside.

Both of them were real gentlemen, and they would not deliberately pass an opportunity for a compromise (if there was not any outside influence, of course).

In this particular instance, they were able to reach an agreement without delay; and they should be commended for their efforts, rather than turning them against each other. There was no real fight between the two men, as the media critics and pundits were attempting to make us believe.

If Washington D.C. needed anything to go well nowadays, it would be for members of Congress to be seen as coming together and compromising on so many issues to get the country's work done. That was what they were sent there to do.

By the way, the president's address is more important than the Republican debate. His is about the economy; while the Republican Party candidates running for the presidency are just going to answer some questions. They never debate each other, if you have noticed.

Someone must also tell Herman Cain that there is no such thing as "Democrat Party".


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