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Updated on March 16, 2011


Whoever or whatever put us down here is experimenting with us, undoubtedly. In recent months, society has seen so much; such as the earthquakes in Haiti and New Zealand; the political upheavals in Egypt and the Arab world in general; and presently, in Japan.

It, Japan, is suffering in a humongous way; first, the earthquake, then the Tsunami; and now, the nuclear power plants there, affected by these natural disasters, are beginning to crumble; which will only make the situation there even worse. There is already devastation everywhere you turn; with the infrastructure in complete shambles. Transportation is practically nil; only the movement of emergency vehicles are seen going to and fro.

The International community is doing its utmost to help. The United States and other European countries sending aid; food, water, medicine and clothing, as well as makeshift shelter, which is needed more than anything else. Where small homes once occupied, everything has been swept away, leaving just pools of water standing in their place. The economy of the country is completely washed out, and real money is of no use at the moment there.

In all that, the human factor has to be considered first. Families have been split suddenly, and death surrounds the people, with the death toll rising every second. Thousands are missing and unaccounted for; and the search for survivors are being carried out, with the hope that there will be anymore (people) who are alive to be pulled out of the horrible mess. The air is polluted, and breathing is impossible without masks; the bad smell and the stench of human and animal carcasses being so stiff in the atmosphere to make you want to puke each minute. The aftershocks that rattle one to the core of the bones in the body are still being experienced.

The radiation poisoning from the fractured nuclear plants, has filled facilities set up for health problems, with the injured and the fragile; children, the aged, those who are still in shock. Where a hospital happens to exist, the doctors and other hospital personnel are being overwhelmed, having to fill mortuaries with more dead bodies, and no room or space is left for anything else.

The government is doing its best to handle the very awful condition with much alacrity; but then, what can the authorities really do? They can only look on it (condition) in awe, judging from the vastness of the destruction facing them; for it is going to last for years; and as such, depleting all their resources, monetary and otherwise. They have lost control of everyday living of their people.

World events are no more remote, due to Television and the Internet. The images we are seeing from places like Libya, Iran, Egypt; and more so, Japan, make them (images) seem so close to home, you must be crazy to think that they are happening from afar. Everything seems to be under a microscope; our microscope; as if we all are watching an ongoing and a protracted experiment.

Speaking about "experiment"; the dinosaurs, for all intents and purposes, were experimented with. So was the Neanderthal man; and they have all disappeared from the surface of the earth; and so would we. We would go, and something else would follow.

However, if we are being under an experiment, as the dinosaurs and the Neanderthal, will not that mean (that) there is the greatest scientist of all universal time somewhere? Think about it.


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