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Updated on October 3, 2011


The efforts of the United States military have to be seen as fighting terrorism around the globe. So, it must be admitted that Americans have never been soft.

Yet, historically, America has somewhat isolated itself from the rest of the world, after World War 2; and so, Islamic or Jihad terror seemed to have engulfed Europe, and America could not care less. It kept very quiet.

Although, the bombing of 1993 World Trade Center in New York City was a precursor of world terror, America did not take more practical caution, until after the September 11th, 2001.

Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq was uprooted, and also those who were directly responsible for the attacks on Washington D.C. and the WTC in New York City, with their leader, Osama bin Laden, and his al Qaeda network, had to be dealt with. However, that was beside the point.

For more than four or five decades, America's power in commerce and trade was shifting to the far East, to countries such as China and India, through outsourcing of manufacturing goods, including car making and computer technology.

In view of that, the largest economy in the world begun to hold sway, otherwise lesser economies were becoming more powerful; and as a result, America saw high unemployment levels, which it was not used to.

Yet, only a few years back, it had all the ingenuity and economic prowess; and where did all that that go? It was the most powerful and influential entity in all economic markets. There has to be a way to get all that fame and glory back; and if not, why not?

That crossed many people's minds as what President Barack Obama was referring to, when he made his comment of a "great country that had gotten a little soft," due to the lackadaisical atmosphere that seemed to have gripped America, and also stolen its inventiveness and originality over the decades after the last World War.

Most of them have been attracted to emigrate to the U.S. because of its culture in music, particularly, jazz, religion and education; but they could see that all that attractiveness was disappearing, and it was being replaced by mediocrity.

America was a good place to live; hence, it looked as if all the true Americans were gone without a trace.

After the civil rights movement had cleared the way for racism to cease being a problem, millions of people wanted to become American citizens; because they could live here and become productive.

Yet, there were others, who still had their roots in Jim Crow days, and did not want any advancement by black people, among others, in society.

The American economy was not the same anymore; and it has to be fixed for members of all communities to have dignified life styles, irrespective of race or differing backgrounds.

The first African American president was doing his best to get it (economy) to move in the right direction, but he was having all kinds of impediments placed in his path. There were those, who would put a damper on anything he did, like putting unemployed people back to work by his "America Jobs Act." proposals.

He could not get it to go through the U.S. Congress, solely because of party politics; as his opponents were highly bent on getting him out of office.

Yet, to bring all people together to enjoy equal opportunities a better economy would offer should be the aim of everyone in the country, including all Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Unemployment was rampant at 9.1%; and it has to go down. However, his proposals were stalling in Congress, and there was no sign of any relief for millions of those unemployed persons and their families in sight.

That certainly marked a flaw in the character of those who were making the economy to grind to a halt, so that they could blame it on the president.

Many Americans would agree, that was the kind of "soft" he was referring to in his latest commentary on the economy. It was not to attack or insult anyone; it was meant to incite Americans to noble ideals, as those they have known before.


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