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SOMETIMES (The future).

Updated on September 26, 2014

Promises don't always ripe.

Sometimes, the future
would hold a whole lot
for us; of all the plans
we have for ourselves
and loved ones.

Good jobs, with high
pay or salaries, to
make us financially
independent. Self-
sufficiency would be
the ultimate goal.

Our quality education,
which we have worked
so laboriously for,
would demand that we
received our fair share
of remuneration.

We have performed so
well, by every academic
standard or qualification,
being the requisite
requirement for better
and honorable living.

We looked to a brighter
day tomorrow, ending in
retirement years, free of
worries and plenty to
rightfully enjoy with
friends and relations.

Hoping those wouldn't be
just pipe dreams; but the
drama of life didn't always
keep all its promises. So, sometimes
half of what we have yearned for
should be sufficient for our future.



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