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South East Bexar County Awareness: SOUTH BEXAR FIRE & RESCUE LOST ONE OF ITS OWN

Updated on July 20, 2014
South Bexar Fire & Rescue
South Bexar Fire & Rescue

Are high school age kids to young to be a volunteer firefighter?

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A Fitting Burial For A Great Young Man

This special firefighter had a very special send-off to meet his maker. The number of fire trucks and other apparatus were phenomenal; but the one thing that stood out about the day, is that after having a week of bad weather; God shone his light on this day to guide this special young man home; as the sun broke through at just the right time of day. May Alex White rest in peace and may his family take comfort during these hard times, knowing that he was loved and respected by all of those he touched.

Young Firefighter Taken Too Soon

18 year old, Alex White, a firefighter with South Bexar Fire and Rescue died. While he was not on duty; he had been at a trash fire hours earlier, his death hit hard at home and around the communities he touched.

It was said that he suffered from asthma and that he'd had an attack and his inhaler was not readily available. David Crowley and the firefighters at South Bexar dealt with a great loss. This young man was just beginning his life and had so much more to give to his community.

Alex White was a student at Canyon Lake High School and had been spending the holidays with his grandmother so that he could work with South Bexar Fire & Rescue. Alex's faith was an important part of his life; as well as his belief in giving to his community. His dreams of being a firefighter came early in his life and he spent most of it working to achieve that dream.

His mother, Jackie Prater, herself was once a member of the Ata-Bexar VFD in Southern Bexar County and nearly delivered Alex in a fire truck; heading to the hospital.

Counselors were with the members of the South Bexar Fire and Rescue to help them deal with their loss. Fire fighters experience loss of property and loss of life while on duty, but seeing it happen to someone in your own family is a hard thing to cope with.

As most firefighters are closer than most co-workers. They become families and want to do whatever they can. There was no doubt that South Bexar Fire and Rescue, along with the community would do all that they could for this young firefighter and his family.

The state investigated to determine if this was actually service related before agreeing to release any financial aid with the burial. When someone is taken from us so unexpectedly, it is devastating not only to the soul, but also financially. Benefits were held to raise funds to help the White Family. A special thank you to all those who made it a success.


Services for Alex D. White were on Monday, 26 December 2011. Viewing began at 9 a.m. with services at 1 p.m. at Zoeller Funeral Home in New Braunfels, TX. Burial to follow at Mountain Valley Cemetery in Sattler, Texas (Canyon Lake area).

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  • HattieMattieMae profile image

    HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

    I don't think I understand quite why your asking for donations. No disrespect for the the man who has died and may he R.I.P. I'm not sure how they do things In Texas, but here in Michigan if someone dies they have life insurance policies. I'm sure they have certain benefits, but I've never know a fire department just to pay for funeral expenses. I know they all attend the funeral services, and help out with meals and stuff, but that is usually by volunteering the dinners or showing up as pall bearers. I'm sorry for your loss! Just not understanding why your asking for donations out of the state if they have no money to bury him, when the state would help of course. There are many people in this situation every day! There must be local resources available as in any area, or dinners for a fundraiser, or collecting money in a jar at stores, like they do here when families can not afford things.

  • Melissa Hammond profile image

    Melissa Hammond 5 years ago from San Antonio

    God bless his family, its a sad time for Bexars VFDs.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 5 years ago from These United States, Texas

    @HattieMattieMae, I am not asking for donations from the state. This was a volunteer fire department from a rural area that has been in litigation with the Emergency Services District that receives tax revenue for it's support. In over a year now, the ESD6 has squandered all the tax money and is not giving the fire departments the funds to stay afloat. The fundraisers, etc. that they are having are barely covering any of their costs. As of right now, they don't know if the ESD's insurance would cover anything for the victim and getting answers are slow in coming if they come at all. It's my understanding that this young man lived with his grandparents. This hub has a following from the local volunteers and community members and the appeal is to them for support for one of their own. Most of the volunteers are from the local area, it's not a prodominantly wealthy area either.

    @ Melissa Hammon, yes it is a sad time for his family and his extended family of volunteer fire fighters.

  • profile image

    stacy smith 5 years ago

    May God comfort his family and our fellow brothers and siser right now. Alex was a funny hard working young man that only wanted to help every where he could. I know sandy oaks f.d as of like 4 months ago were the only ones with vfis insurance for our firefighters. Any donations will help for his expenses and his family. May you rest in peace Alex we will never forget you brother.

  • HattieMattieMae profile image

    HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

    Yay, I send my condolences and prayers, just wasn't very clear in whether this family was in need of money or something. I understand the fire district is having problems. Just was not clear who you were addressing it to as well. I wasn't referring you were asking for donations from the state, I assumed people out of state would be reading this. I was stating the State of Texas must have emergency funds like Michigan for burial. Although it may not be much, if needed it is there if they are in dire straits of money for expenses!

  • profile image

    Robert H 5 years ago

    Sorry to hear that and it is even more sad that politics is not providing the men the funds necessary for their department.

  • profile image

    Nuco 5 years ago

    At 18 I would doubt he would have any type of insurance... I know l area depts will help with what they can...

  • Melissa Hammond profile image

    Melissa Hammond 5 years ago from San Antonio

    That is how politics is played in south Bexar County, the ESD only care about what Chico tells them to. They don't care about the community and care even less about the people that service it as volunteers. It makes me sick to even think the ESD stopped paying for insurance for the firefighters. Guess they needed the extra money for the community center. I pray to God to keep everyone servicing our community safe. Thank you to all of you out there. RIP Alex White

  • profile image

    Mad as Hell 5 years ago

    Yes it is very sad when politics in such a low income rural area takes precedence over volunteer fire fighters' safety and well being. And it's sad that someone with such a fabulous life ahead of him is now gone. There are so many kids his age out running the streets getting into trouble. He was out there running calls keeping our area safe. I hope the donations come in to help his family meet those final expenses.

  • profile image

    Chance Squires 5 years ago

    So sorry that sad sorry south bexar

  • profile image

    CHANCE SQUIRES 5 years ago


  • profile image

    Chance Squires 5 years ago

    yeah i have astham and my dad is with SANDY OAKS VFD

    and i go to SouthSide Losoya

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