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Updated on January 12, 2012

What should the working men and women do to retaliate?

The Republican Party's race for the nomination of a candidate to face off with President Barack Obama in the forthcoming presidential election, has shifted to the south of the nation; South Carolina to be specific.

Therefore, the scene would be far more different from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, for the main reason that separation of church and state, though not totally marginalized, became a rule of thumbs in an election in "the bible belt", particularly, in a presidential one. (SC was a prominent state there).

The majority of the people there were considered as evangelicals, and so, they scrutinized all candidates with a fine religious tooth comb to make sure that their faith and beliefs aligned with their own.

The three main Republican candidates were Romney, Santorum and Gingrich; and for starters, Romney has been denigrated as being a flip-flop.

".... many evangelicals consider issues such as abortion “major” concerns, and, without naming Romney, said that candidates who have murky histories on positions like that will have trouble persuading religious voters that they’re sincere." (ABC News, 01/12/12).

That was part of a statement coming from a very influential evangelist, Brad Atkins, the president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, and so, it did not place him (Romney) well in the minds his (Atkins') followers.

Gingrich, besides having marital problems, was not seen as being religious enough, and that gave him failed marks.

Santorum was the one that they were enthused about, for his close running in the Iowa caucuses to second place in that contest. His religious credentials were akin to theirs, and he would be the one that they (evangelicals) would favor.

The other candidates in the race, Paul, Rick Perry and Huntsman, would get some of the religious vote; however, there was the independent vote that would be more vital, as the religious vote would tend to split several ways.

It was then that Romney would have the upper hand in getting more independent voters to his side, and probably win the SC primary. The media, of which most of them were already being impartial in the campaign and the political process, were forecasting a Romney win in that state.

However, many saw the Republican race as a charade, and an effort to give more political power to the wealthy, by using the country's slow economy as the backdrop; with the assumption that a Wall Street tycoon could straighten it (economy) out.

How preposterous, when the economy was picking up on Obama's watch; and then all of a sudden, he (Obama) would be replaced by a business mogul, whose aim was to relax the trade and business regulations that have been put in place by the Obama administration to level the playing field for all Americans, just for a Republican to move in and to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

That would not be fair, as far as the regular working men and women were concerned. They needed to have an administration that would cater to their interests also. The Wall Street reform and the Low Healthcare Cost Law were what the Republicans would remove.

As such, they (working men and women) would have to vote those people out; and that would be their retaliation.

That was what the man in the street should be thinking about.


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