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Stacy Dash Refuses To Tow The Race Line

Updated on November 9, 2013

Stacy Dash, the Hollywood actress recently created static in Afro American circles when she publicly stated her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It was a very audacious move on her part as although there are many conservative minded Afro-Americans in all aspects of American life they often stay quiet out of fear of being labelled Uncle Toms. The backlash against her came fast and furious but she stood her ground with support from friends, family, and some media, some genuine and some opportunistic. But why all the controversy, you might ask?

Well, for those who may not understand how race trumps nationalism I will give you the example of an Asian American presidential candidate. Has America ever has an Asian American President? No. But then you might say, “Well race shouldn’t matter” right. But let’s just say for argument sake that there was an Asian American running for president. Who do you think that 99% of Asian Americans would vote for? I guarantee that they would vote for him no matter his political affiliation providing he didn’t appear to be a puppet.

America is a racially diverse country therefore voting for a candidate of ones similar race is a statement of representation first. After the playing field has been leveled by proportional representation then people tend to move on to economic, and social issues. Barack Obama was the first Afro American president and although it was considered a great achievement on his part, most will agree that it was not necessarily his credentials that got him elected.

Afro Americans who had suffered greatly through slavery, segregation, and discriminatory Jim Crow laws came out in unprecedented numbers to vote, some for the very first time in their life, all for someone who represented their race to finally sit in a position of ultimate power. 4 years on, many are asking “what has Obama achieved or done for Black America?” The record suggests that he has not changed the living standards of the average Afro American but they really don’t care. They will tow the race line as a payback for past indignities.

It is similar to the process that happens when an Afro American gets elected for mayor in a predominantly Black city. Take for example the situation involving former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry and the controversy surrounding his tenure in office. Berry was elected time and time again as a city Counselor and as Mayor on two separate occasions. In between his terms as Mayor he served time in prison for drug possession. His criminal record was controversially overlooked by the predominantly Black electorate who felt that “the man” was railroading him because he is Black.

Stacy Dash is experiencing a backlash because Race is still an issue in American politics. If Americans cannot get over Race, what is the solution? Well, sociologists have been theorizing for years that Race will only play a small role in their social engineered model of American society. They say time is one factor that will level the racial playing field. The other factor is representation as the various races become a part of the political process. Eventually Race will be overlooked in favor of what each candidate brings to the table that will make a difference in the lives of the majority of Americans.

They know the model works because the Irish, the Italians, and many others have assimilated just fine. Visible minorities are having a harder time because of continued racism on all sides. In time Stacy Dash and many other Afro Americans who think outside the Race box will be considered as being ahead of the curve and as the ones who drove the wave of political civility to peaceful shores.


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