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Updated on September 20, 2011

How he should use it.

Steve Chapman, an editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune has made some scathing comments of President Barack Obama, which needed to be carefully examined.

He started by delving into many of the setbacks that the president has been facing lately; such as a record-low approval ratings, an unease in the Democratic base, the double dip recession that the financial world was groping for an answer to......(I should include that), and many other reasons; but he failed by telling why those things were happening.

America was having an African American as president for the first time in its history, and the expectation, though high among many African Americans, was poignantly low in many other circles, that a black person should be the leader of the Western World.

He has assumed an unimaginable and a diabolical economy, with an unemployment rate as high as 8%, two separate wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a nation so racially divided, for its people have been looking through colored glasses for centuries. In other words, racism was so much alive.

His was a given shovel, instead of a ladder, to emerge from a big hole; and what he had to do to come out was nobody else's business, but his own.

He was confronted with a biased media that did not know whether to treat him with respect or contempt. They never dreamed in their small world that an African American could be sitting in the Oval Office, in the White House; and so, they were miffed mentally, of course.

If Mr. Chapman was as observant as he professed to be, he would have noticed that Obama was "between the devil and the deep blue sea" any way he turned. His backers thought that he was a "dove", and he would command the Afghan war to stop and it would have instantly stopped. Yet, he knew that wars had to be fought before peace could be achieved. So, he agreed to send more troops to the war front, of more than 30,000 soldiers.

On the economic side, he extended the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy, while he was still having a stiff opposition in the United States Congress. It has become a hostile house against his policies; particularly, after some members were voted in from the November of 2010 mid-term elections,

Chapman's idea of replacing Obama with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not a new one. It has originated from the Republican Party, to create the same confusion in its camp, as a potential candidate could not be found for a face-off with Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

All in all, Obama has done very well as president under the circumstances that have prevailed in his first term, and he should be given credit for, at least, being able to hold the economy together; his efforts to disallow it to get worse was greatly appreciated.

Presently, he was doing all he could to get his base to come back; and if Chapman was not as fickle minded as some of his colleagues, he would advocate for his reelection; for the rest of the world to see that the experiment, which was begun in 2008 to cure America of racism, was going well; but it needed a little bit of time to succeed.


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