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Updated on October 6, 2011

A real great man.

Steve Jobs would be remembered as a genius by the whole world, for his inventiveness and great prowess.

He was a delight when he appeared on television to introduce one of his inventions that brought joy and happiness to millions and millions of his admirers.

His simplicity showed in his work, and it portrayed him as a classy person, who was knowledgeable and knew his stuff as well.

He also demonstrated his selflessness, that whatever he had for improving the quality of his life, everyone must have it too.

He has left the world he so much helped to build too early, at the age of 56; but time was not on his side; because, if he would have lived to be 78, there would have been more inventions coming out of his magical brain, more that what he himself would have expected.

Yet, in that short amount of time, he made good use of his God given talents, to create jobs in engineering, science and technology, business and finance; and then some. His achievements were beyond that of just one person, who put to use every bit of ounce of his thinking to help others to realize their goals.

He had a dream to dream, and he dreamed it.

A masterful individual, who saw that to have great foresight would benefit a whole lot of people, if it was made to be practical; hence, he became the co-founder of Apple, a company that he was CEO of for some time, and which brought out the ingenuity in him.

It was the hope of all that his fellow executives would follow in his footsteps, by utilizing the gem of advice that he has given them, in blueprint and verbally. They were bound to become extremely useful some day.

The whole world was mourning his passing, by the enormous tributes that have been paid him by presidents, political leaders and the like; and also by common people, who knew him, even only by proxy.

Our condolences should go to his family; to indicate our love and respect for the person of Steve Jobs. He has done so much for the whole world. He has "made a dent in the Universe." as he said he would do.

The world would insist on appreciating him through his work, which has benefited mankind more than he visualized. He would be in the thoughts of many people, always.

May he rest in peace.


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