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Updated on November 1, 2012

Mali in the upper part of Africa has fallen to Islam Jihadists.

After Governor Romney mentioned Mali in one of his speeches I decided to look up this country and see why he brought it up. Well it too has partially fallen to Islamists, along with huge portions of England, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and dozens of other countries. Islam marches across continent after continent killing and destroying people and cultures.

With the implementation of Sharia Law anyone suspected of adultery in Mali is stoned, limbs are amputated and of course speaking against Mohammed is a death sentence as well.

Tombs and artifacts in Timbuktu considered heritage sites are destroyed.

Young men with guns guard checkpoints yelling through megaphones, “No cigarettes, no CDs, no radios, no cameras, no jewelry.”

In the Spring of 2012 Islamists made their move into Mali and drove their army out of the northern part of Mali. Armed with weapons from the Gadhafi regime there was little resistance.


One town, once a busy tourist location has become a lifeless town of fear. Music is banned according to Sharia Law, restaurants and businesses are boarded up and people that are able have fled. Signs are posted on the street in Arabic saying: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."

Services in the city have been discontinued leaving piles of garbage simmering in 104 degree heat. Business has come to a standstill.

Anyone not complying to Sharia law can be arrested and to keep them from being rescued by the citizens their limbs are removed. As the limbs are severed the executioner says, "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful." Some die of course, bleeding to death.


Mali was the home of Grammy award- winning band Tinariwen. Sharia has ended the music and replaced it with screams of horror and praise to Allah and “Qur’anic verses. One of the musicians in the band was threatened with removal of his fingers so that he could not play his guitar, and all of his valuable equipment was destroyed and burned.

Western music is considered the music of Satan by these Jihadists.

It is mind boggling to me that many Americans seem to think Sharia Law is just super and quite compatible with American Law. It has been implemented into our court systems in some states like New Jersey and Governor Christy appointed a Muslim judge to the bench.

Citizens with this dangerous and uninformed thought process say things like, “America is a country where you are free to worship as you please and that includes Islam.” I feel like screaming at them, Islam has no intention of co existing with your religion and Islam is not a religion. ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY that precludes freedom of religion, freedom of speech and western culture.

Governor Christy goes into a rage when anyone questions Islam and his appointment of one to the bench.
Governor Christy goes into a rage when anyone questions Islam and his appointment of one to the bench.

We have uninformed, politically correct citizens and our leaders to thank for not blocking this growing threat to our country. We have newspapers and blogs and editors afraid to print the truth and we have the wonderful United Nations trying to criminalize speaking out against Islam. A few courageous men such as Allen West are trying to fight back and they are demeaned and ridiculed.

Our own president recently said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

One prominent Muslim that wields a lot of influence is Dr. Walid Phares, advisor to US House of Representatives on Counter Terrorism, a so called expert who blathers away on Fox News and is an analyst on terrorism for MSNBC, professor at Florida Atlantic University and so forth and so forth. No one dares to be so politically incorrect or uncouth as to challenge him on anything to do with Islam, but here, you dissect this quote from Dr. Phares for yourself:

“ Jihad is a benign spiritual tradition like yoga.”

HUH? Tell that to the Jews in Israel whose playgrounds are equipped with bomb shelters.

Tell that to the band in Africa that wants to play their music.

Tell that to women across the world that want to vote and take the garbage bags off their heads.

Tell that to little 6-year-old girls that forced into marriage with old men. Some of them actually die from copulation.

Tell that to our Ambassador in Libya, working hard to please Muslims and rewarded by being raped and killed and dragged in the street.

Idiots like Dr. Phares are actually in the White House advising the administration on the security of this country, and encouraging Americans to accept Jihad and Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is not compatible with America. Don’t you see the signs that they carry when they are rioting? Americans need to come to grips with the fact that this culture is not up to speed with Western culture. Islam continues to function as an extremely backward, violent movement stuck in the 6th century. They have not progressed with the western world and they resent those countries that have advanced and matured and become civilized. Most of all they resent FREEDOM


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