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Updated on September 10, 2010

The News Media.

One must never pick on the News Media, the third estate, because of its first amendment rights; yet, once in a while an article would be so one-sided on an issue, one has to make a comment or two on it.

There are two articles in AMNew York (a newspaper) this morning on the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, and the desired intent of Pastor Terry Jones to burn the Quran on the 9th anniversary of a despicable act; caught on tape; which is now known as 9/11; and they (artcles) deserve comment.

One is by Erik Ortiz, titled "Mosque saga boils", and the other is by Ellis Henican, also titled "Ainniversary now an insincere publicity circus"; and if they (articles) are not the epitome of double-standard observation by two newspapermen, then I really do not know what is.

The two men are so biased in their separate ways that, they will remind one of a female and a male individuals groping to find each other in the dark, (check with ABC TV.); but they never do. The stupidity of it all is that they glide over the most important things that have to be included in their writings, such as, why Imam Rauf must come to the understanding that the proposed mosque must not be part of the new WTC complex.

The reasons are quite obvious; that the perpetrators of a heinous crime, who happen to be members of his religious sect, have still not been caught and tried in a court of law as yet. The Iman'sinsistence on building a mosque at the scene of the crime is therefore futile; because it will seem as if they have been allowed to get away with it.

The Imam is not showing any remorse for the crime as a whole, or even for the people who unnecessarily have become victims on 9/11 in any of his speeches in the media; and yet, these two journalists seem to give credence to his quotes, such as "We are not going to toy with our religion....Nor are we going to barter," and "we are here to extend our hands to build peace and harmony." The question here is, under what circumstances?

Henican gets into an advisory mode and requests how Americans must honor the occasion, and goes on to insinuate that the project "was New York's contribution to the anniversary." What anniversary is he talking about? Or "The New York Dolls strip club is closer to the former World Trade Center than this mosque will be." How stupid can a writer get for him to say such things.

Ortiz accuses the pastor of saying that the Imam has lied to him; and so what?.

Henican lambastes "Terry Jones to sink even lower than chasing houses of worship away."; saying so without using his pastoral title, "Rev."; and forgetting that the pastor is protected by the same first amendment rights to free speech, and therefore he must be respected for expressing them (rights) in any way he chooses; to burn or not to burn the Quran, or call the Imam a liar; as stupid as his action and statement may seem, respectively..


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