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Updated on November 16, 2011

What should they think about?

It was likely to cost politicians, if they maintained their ideological positions and ignored the needs of the people, who voted them into office.

They were happy to dig in their heels, knowing fully well that such action would be detrimental to national interest.

That seemed to be what was going on in Washington D.C. today; and that was good reason enough for voters to get worried.

The Super Committee, which came about after the dreadful debt ceiling talks, to reduce the national deficit by $1.2 trillion dollars, was such a fine picture framed in disagreements and objections. It was not making any substantial progress, as it was expected to do, to achieve a breakthrough for the crisis it was formed to deal with.

Though, the deadline of Nov. 23rd. 2011, for the members of the committee to reach a compromise, was fast approaching, there was no sign that they would beat it, considering the stiff opposition from both sides.

The 6 Democrats and the 6 Republicans, all members of the United States Congress, were deadlocked, as their deliberations were not going forward to resolve the problem for which the committee was created.

The main issue was the Republicans resistance to raising taxes to meet with the sacrificial reductions from the entitlement programs, namely, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

For example, the Democrats would allow some $275 billion dollars to come from the health programs, and also that they would want to slice government spending by another $240 billion; and those were good concessions.

The rest of the required amount should come from the military budget and other discretionary government spending, and even those cuts, if added to the health reductions would still not permit the committee to reach its target.

The only option it (committee) had was to raise taxes; however, the Republican members were resisting raising revenues in a recession, like the one the country was now experiencing, with a slow economy and a high unemployment rate at 9%.

If there was no compromise between the two factions, the automatic "trigger" measure in the law that created the committee would be in effect for "an across the board" cuts to take place. Yet nobody knew what the outcome of that would be; whether good or bad.

From how things looked, many people would want the Republicans to agree to tax revenues to be realized, to avert the unknown, which could develop into a serious crisis. However, would they acquiesce?

It was just like the "tug-of-war" was between two party ideologies, and to break the impasse would require some amount of give and take, particularly, on the part of the Republicans.

They were resisting taxes on the rich; and many thought that they were being overly protective of them (the rich or the wealthy).

The voters would not vote blindly, when the time came; they should realize that.


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      7 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin

      This is just politics as usual and you shouldn't be surprised at this. I don't think too many people are. The problem IS the Republicans AND the Democrats. Anything they can do to screw the common person out of all they can. They WILL do! Recent legislation shows that clearly with the healthcare reform laws being put into place AFTER most constituents clearly said they did not agree with this law. Government always "thinks" it knows best so WE THE PEOPLE are ignored, as usual! Budget committees are the worst of the bunch since their "work" is to agree, you know that won't ever happen!

      If the govt cut its own size down to a manageable and reasonable level( fire 50% of all bureaus and depts.) How much would that put back into the budget? Govt is WAY too big and it needs to be cut in half to accomplish anything useful to the public.


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