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Updated on November 12, 2011

Must it apply?

The work that has been given to the Super Committee was such an important one, aimed at partially resolving a pertinent problem, with respect to the United States' fiscal health.

It was an enormous task, but it has to be done, no matter what. The committee has the obligation to find an avenue to redeem America from its financial woes. In fact, its members have been assigned the right to begin the redemption of the overall national debt, under which the country was suffocating.

Several trillions of dollars in debt, and still counting; and the deficit reduction was just for starters.

The only element standing in the way of the committee was party ideology, prompted by who would win the White House in 2012 or clinch a second term.

Yet, patriotism was standing by, and urging committee members to accomplish what was only in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

Party politics must be set aside to make room for serious talks, as the due date of Nov. 23rd, 2011 was fast closing in on the committee. If they should miss it, the country would be hit badly, as the automatic trigger cuts would be brought in to finish the job.

No one was sure of the outcome of that measure being used to resolve the problem; yet, the predictions of what would happen were foreboding. It (trigger measure) would drastically affect the military budget, as has been stated by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

The entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would not have any good thing happening to them either, as there would be shortages leading to rationing, if they were severely cut. The only alternative was to usher in tax revenues to breathe life into the situation.

President Barack Obama made it a point to call the co-chairs of the committee, Sen. Murray and Rep. Hensarling, to cooperate and be able to reach a viable consensus, in the name of the country.

He was going on a trip to Asia; but his thoughts were with them; and if that was not patriotic, then nobody knew what that was.

However, the conventional wisdom indicated that he wanted them to be in good spirits and to come to a conclusion that would be beneficial to the whole nation, despite their political differences.

Nobody, outside the White House, could speak for the president, but it would seem, what he was saying was like, "I am away; but I am not too far away, no matter the distance. You can always count on me."

Many pray that the committee would be in the same frame of mind as the president, and as the country also was, to be able to replace partisan-ism with patriotism, in order to equitably address the issue.


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    • Paladin_ profile image

      Paladin_ 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

      It's my belief that the so-called "super-committee" was formed with one primary purpose in mind: to provide political cover to Congress and the White House for gutting Social Security and/or Medicare.

      I can predict, practically verbatim, how this is going to play out:

      Step one: The two sides (Republican and Democrat) will perform their little kabuki theater for the public, with accusations and nonsense proposals and counter-proposals, right up until the November 26 deadline for the trigger. Then, at the last minute, a "miraculous" deal will be agreed to.

      Step two: After the deed is done, when the voters aren't satisfied, both parties will hit the media circuit, explaining how they had "no choice," that "time was running out" and the looming Defense cuts were just "too catastrophic to contemplate."

      Step three: Our fawning corporate media will be filled with glowing reports by talking heads about how "responsible" our leaders were for setting their partisanship aside and doing what's "best for the country."

      In the end, Obama and both parties in Congress will have achieved what they wanted all along, to siphon even MORE money from the middle and working classes for the benefit of their political masters on Wall Street and the war machine.

      I know this all sounds terribly cynical, but I've been following these knuckleheads in Washington (including the media) far too long to not be familiar with their tricks.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 6 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      The biggest impediment to a resolution in the national interest is Grover Norquist.