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Syria- A troubled state troubling others

Updated on March 4, 2018

The Nature Of Uprising

The Syria civil war is a part of the Arab Spring or Arab uprising, due to various government's abusive nature of ruling its people and dictatorship. The ruling party restrained its people to enjoy the fundamental rights of a citizen. It is the conflict of interest between some rebels and the government. The present conflict in Syria is between the forces loyal to the Ba'ath government and the forces who want to oust him. The Ba'ath government is accused of corruption, leading a luxury life at the cost of its people, abusing the citizen's fundamental rights of living and expression. The government is accused of using unconventional methods to dispose the peaceful protest by the protestors. The rebels are demanding the resignation of both Prime Minister and the President, both are responsible for the pity state of the country and handling the country like a dictator. It could be said that these reasons are the fundamentals of the rebel's demand to the international politicos to intervene in the ongoing uprising for a stable Syria.

Syrian government has been using excessive force on the peaceful protestors. The human rights activists has claimed over 100,000 killed in the ongoing civil war

Syria is located in southwestern Asia, many countries like Iraq, Israel, Jordon, Lebanon, Turkey touches it border which plays an important role in Syria;s sociopolitical health. Lake Assad is the largest lake of Syria.Damascus is the capital of Syria which is the largest city of Syria.

Over the last couple of years, the middle east nation has drawn international attention because of their strict religious rules and civil war. Syria is also one of those countries that has drawn the attention of international bodies.The ongoing civil war in Syria can be said was triggered by a small peaceful demonstrators which turned violent over the next few weeks due to excessive force used by the Syrian security forces.

Reason for the Conflict:

Gezi Park which is the main commercial place in Istanbul and the last green space in the city.Government decided to raze the park and build a replica of ottoman barracks with a shopping mall. This idea did not go down well with the local residents. Initially, it started with a few residents protesting in the Gezi Park. Gradually the number of protestors grew in hundreds and the security forces shown excessive force to suppress the protest. A district court ordered the stay on the demolition. The protestors started chanting the Erodgan government to resign. Erodgan is the most powerful and famous politician in Syria. The KESK federation which represents around 2,25,000 workers called a two day strike in protest of the fascist nature of the government.Over the next few weeks, the protest gripped the whole nation. The Amnesty Group described the action of the security forces , as the excessive use of force against the peaceful demonstrators. Even the Erodgan government conceded the excessive use of force. He regretted the use of pepper gas used by the security forces. However , after a while the Erodgan government took a u turn on the action of security forces and claimed that "we are servants of the people not the masters" so how can a servant cause harm to its master. Meantime , the security and intelligence agencies of Syria are working to prevent the escalation of violence.

Erodgaon to step down, call by the protestors.

The crackdown on the park demonstrators has sparked violence in the whole of Syria. Erodgan who was elected a decade ago is the most powerful personality and politician in Syria, but his style of working and running the government doesn't suit well with fellow Turks. His own associates think of him as authoritarian and egoistic. He has a Napoleon syndrome. Erodgan in his speech said, those who want to protest , do it, do it again and again, but in the frame of law. He rolled the ball in the opposition court regarding the protest saying , those who failed to defeat him in the elections taken this wrong route to denounce him of his position as prime minister. He still remains the most powerful man , many see the opposition as ineffective and lazy. So, is he really an authoritarian? Last year in November , he won the elections for the third time reaching the party's limit according to the constitution. He amended the constitution to accommodate him again in the next elections after sitting out for a single election cycle. Many other leaders announced that he may now try to change the system into a presidential or semi- presidential system to remain in power forever.

Role of religion in the unrest:

Some says the unrest shows the deep ideological polarization between secular, liberal minded Turks.Secular claim the Islamist government is intolerant of the criticism and the liberal lifestyle, they do not want to accommodate the new pattern of society. Erodgan describes his party as "conservative Democratic party". But many think Erdogan's AKP party are encroaching the traditional values of the country.

The country is going through a lean patch in its economical state. Its GDP is half times lower than its GDP two years back. The government is unable to provide to provide basic amenities to local people which has frustrated the people more.

Latest From Syria

President Assad has acknowledged the role of both pro government and anti government armed aggression. He said in an interview to a German daily that neither side in the Syrian crisis is exempted from blaming. Both the sides have been on the wrong foot, however, he denied any intentional use of abusive force to thwart the demonstration. On the other side, the officials from the OPCW (Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) have landed in Syria to verify and destroy the stockpile of around thousand tonnes of chemical weapons/ gas made by Syria over the last 30 years. This work is claimed to be over by November end. Lets see the future course of Assad government.

Saudi Arabia has blamed west and specially USA for not resolving Syria crisis with political diplomacy and instead tried to go for sanctions. This one is a major statement from the kingdom, which further stresses the USA and Saudi relations. Meanwhile, On October 20, 2013 rebel groups conducted a suicide bombing in the city of beirut killing over 20 people and injuring over 50. A truck carrying around 1.5 tonnes of explosives entered a busy market of the city, the driver blew himself, killing and injuring others also. The rebel groups stated, that attack was against the President Assad's statement of calling them terrorist. They further demand immediate toppling of Assad government.

The United Nations has investigated the role of Syrian government and has concluded in its secret report, the indictment of President Assad in the ongoing conflict. The report claims to have enough evidence to nail President Assad and other high level government's ministers. It is kept secretly, in hope of using it in trial against the government.

The present adverse situations in Syria can only be reversed back to normalcy with the collective effort of United Nations and world leaders. It requires, noble motive and firm determination to bring all those concerned on one platform.


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