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SYRIAN Chemical Deaths

Updated on January 19, 2018
Oscarlites profile image

The authors life involved ministry and living southwest and interior Alaska. Writing allowed spiritual, poetic and political expression:

Letter To my Lawmaker;

Dear Government Official;

This email/ letter is about the Syria crisis. To make a quick point, What was the United Nations established for? What is its purpose? Why is the President and Congress NOT making the United Nations stand up and do their job and tackle the Syrian Chemical death situation?

My observation is that EVERY TIME the U.N. backs off and then other countries back off, they let the USA use her resources to control international crimes, and THEN they backfire it on us, the United States of America.

A more likeable solution is for the USA, Britain. France and perhaps Germany to PICKET, to LOBBY, and to send troops if necessary to the headquarters of the UNITED NATIONS; force them to stand up and organize the governments of the World to take action together. THIS IS THE STEP that we always ignore. Otherwise, what use is the United Nations? Why can't they be held responsible for negligence in this?

WHY do we keep sending U.N. Aid , when it seems they re-distribute financial aid, food aid, and military weaponry aid we provide, free gratis to ANTI- U.S.A. groups and nations to use for our demise.

YES, we are the powerful U.S.A! but however isn't it seemingly always the D.O.D. (department of defense) contractors and logistics lobby and special interests that stand to gain from our single handed attacking the SYRIANS or other political targets? IF we have interest there, then protect those interests, yes, and if we have people still there, then get them out; but please don't let the USA become a scapegoat for the U.N. and for the rest of the world. Hold the U.N. responsible and require them to stand up an international alliance. Refuse aid to them if they do not respond to this crisis.. PLEASE do not let the White House move forward without holding the U.N. peacekeeper forces responsible.. Please do not let this become a political tool of the present administration.

Could you please send this message to the appropriate places tonight? Your Senators, Representatives, Newspapers, Governors Office, and any Groups that you are affiliated with.

NOTE: Most people do not realize that public representatives and senators are required to respond to every constituent letter, or concern. For instance, I had replies from both my representative and from Senator McCain that they had personally read this article. SO DON'T FEEL THAT YOUR VOICE IS NOT HEARD.


Spirits Being Lifted.
Spirits Being Lifted. | Source

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Reply From Lawmaker

September 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for sharing your views with me. I am pleased that you took the time to write. Your concerns, opinions and views are important to me and help me do a better job in the United States Senate. Your input on this matter is of much value to me. Again, thank you for your recent correspondence.


John McCain United States Senator


© 2013 Oscar Jones


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    • Oscarlites profile image

      Oscar Jones 4 years ago from South Alabama

      thanks for reading.. and yes you are so right. why does the bad overtake all good sometimes? It seems that like chess, one move precipitates another one.

    • fivesenses profile image

      Leena 4 years ago from new delhi

      I'm not in the USA, and my country is not directly involved with syria,but the Syria problem is something the world has to come together to solve before it gets any worse.