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Sacky - I am A Liberal Woman

Updated on May 15, 2013

Terry: Well Sacky it has been awhile since we talked!

Sacky: Not much has changed. The GOP remains full of of dim witted and mean spirited idiots. I was glad to have a break. That Rush Limbaugh is a real pig!

Terry: What did Rush do now?

Sacky: He is selling his story that Anthony Wiener’s behavior is the result of LIBERAL women! I am a liberal woman and I resent that!

Terry: I heard a little about that. He claims that LIBERAL women emasculate men.

Sacky: Yep, he claims we neuter them to the point that to prove their manhood, they are compelled to email disgusting photos of their genitals to unsuspecting citizens! How crazy is that FAT PIG! Oh he was flapping his arms about as he bellowed and snorted this ridiculous concept! This from a man that is a multi-millionaire! Rush is a sorry commentary on American Intelligence. Is anybody listening?

Sacky: Then Eric Cantor walks out on the talks about the debt ceiling. The Republicans claim to be very concerned about the national debt, but do not try to talk about raising taxes on the Billionaires! Oh no! Eric and his buddies will not talk about raising revenue! Oil Subsidies are just dandy and Tax rebates to Corporations are candy. It is Medicare that is the culprit according to those fools. They want fix the problem on the backs of the old , the young, the working poor, and what is left of the middle class.

Terry: Giving old people vouchers and telling them to go buy health insurance is crazy talk. What insurance companies are going to want to cover seniors? The good news is Bernie Sanders is leading the fight for seniors!

Sacky: . I would share my kibble with Bernie anytime!

Terry: Sacky, I am sure he loves you!

Sacky: (blushing)

Terry: There was a show on the Science Channel predicting what this world will be like in 2100. The postulate was that we continue on the path of doing nothing about climate change or alternative energy and population control.

Sacky: In other words we follow the wishes of the GOP?

Terry: Basically. It assumed we marched on as the Republicans want. I hope many people saw it! By 2100 the Earth can no longer support the burden of the uncontrolled population. There is famine and starvation, there is little if any available energy, people are dying in the millions of disease. Not a pretty picture!

Sacky: Republicans only believe in the science where they pay to get the results they want. Rush mocks anyone that believe in manmade climate change.

Terry: We should tell our friends we have been very busy on the Farm. We have potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and corn in our Organic Garden. We mowed our 36 acres and string trimmed the fence line. We did a lot of other things as well. But we are going to take a little time to get online. It has been a month or so.

Sacky: I missed our talks.

Terry: Remind people how you got your name.

Sacky: I led you on our trip to the Northwest along the Lewis and Clark Trail. You named me Sacajawea! Eventually it became Sacky. Now kiss my Belly!



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