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Sacrificial Lambs To The Slaughter.

Updated on October 13, 2009


Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter


Heroes don't always hold you tight
and kiss away the tears,
you simply get a folded flag,
in a triangular shape to treasure,
and bury your face in
after it is lifted off the coffin,
you get a shock when
twenty-one gunshots salute him,
as if the one that killed him
was not enough,
you get a handful of medals,
but the handful of flesh
when he held your hand
is gone soon to bones,
you get sincerest apologies
for your loss, but they
offer nothing to fill the hole
in your life except dirt and ceremonies,
you get a paltry amount of insurance money,
and the respect of all for your sacrifices
when all you really wanted was him
back in your arms
I have met with many mothers
as well as many wives
and girlfriends of men
who have not come home,
or came home horizontal,
with no horizons left in their lives
and there are no words
even for a poet to replace
the agony of silent screaming souls
and the emptiness of love lost to hate
and useless wasted wars
by fools who seek glory in flesh
sacrificial lambs to the slaughter
bOth the husbands and fathers
both the sons and the daughters
turned to dust for lost causes
years later still grieved for
and nothing to ease the remnants
that remain remains!


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