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Sadiq Khan Responds To Liam Gallagher.

Updated on June 27, 2019

The Mayor and the Musician II.

Sadiq Khan.
Sadiq Khan.
Liam Gallagher.
Liam Gallagher.

Liam and Sadiq: Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet?

You will have read, my article on Hubpages, namely the intervention of Liam Gallagher, on Sadiq Khan's handling of knife crime. Mr Gallagher berated Mr Khan's handling of the epidemic of violent crime (particularly, with knives) in the capital city. Knife crime seems to be a plague not only in the capital but in other areas of the UK. This abhorrent evil never seems to be off our screens, as daily, something involving a blade, seems to be sadly, a daily occurrence.

Sadiq Khan has been attacked from every quarter, about his inapparent action on knife crime. The mayor has been compared to Emperor Nero, more interested in himself and his sycophants, than being a good mayor of London. On Nero's watch as emperor, Rome burnt down, with Nero, apparently doing nothing about it. Some have accused Nero, of deliberately starting the firestorm, so he could rebuild the city, to his specifications. Afterwards, Nero blamed the early Christians, for the disaster, with terrible retribution, for the Christians. Nero, was a self-indulgent, self-obsessed man, more interested in partying, than being the leader, Rome needed. Eventually, the failed emperor was chased out of Rome and eventually committed suicide, with his own hand, by the sword.

Obviously, I am not suggesting that Mayor Khan, is a latter-day, Nero as such. The difference between Nero then and Khan now is this, Nero was emperor over a huge empire, answerable to nobody but himself (though of course, he did like Khan now, have his critics). Khan, on the other hand, is mayor of a city, answerable to the government and his electorate. The comparison to Nero could be as a result, Khan appears to be doing nothing about violent crime in the city, just as Nero, seemingly did nothing about the fire, in Rome. Nero was emperor for life, the only way his rule was brought to an end, was by a move by the people and those at the top, forcefully. Khan, on the other hand, can be brought down, by the votes of the London electorate, come the next mayoral election.

Sadiq Khan, gave an official reply to Liam Gallagher's outburst, by inviting him to work with him, to lobby the government. Lobby the government for more resources in creating more police, more schemes to tackle the issues of knife crime, gangs, etc. Speaking to Radio X Khan said, "I can understand why any parent - and I speak as a parent of teenagers, as Liam Gallagher is, would be concerned about violent crime".

Sadiq Khan, identified government cutbacks in police numbers, and, in other areas, as one reason, why crime is rife, in London. Like Khan or not, he may have a point, the Conservatives in their nine-year rule, have unleashed austerity, all across the country. The services that ordinary folk depend on like the police, the council, hospitals, welfare, etc, have suffered severe cutbacks.

The current crop of candidates, who want to replace Theresa May, seems to be saying nothing about lifting the evil injustice, of austerity. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, seem obsessed with ways out of the Brexit mess, the UK finds itself in. Any mention of the poor and lifting austerity, maybe just lip service, to get the people onside. However, the British public is not as stupid as politicians think they are, many want Brexit done and austerity lifted, if not the Conservatives, may pay a terrible price in any future election (including a general election).

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has hinted he might, at some future date, get involved with politics, himself. Liam Gallagher has recently commented on Tory leadership hopeful, Boris Johnson. Apparently, hinting as Prime Minister, Liam could do a better job for the country. On Twitter, he wrote: "Why me? Why not" (ironically enough, his new album, is called that), referencing his apparent interest in being Prime Minister one day, or perhaps, having a shot at Mayor of London.

Gallagher and The Killers.

Micheal Eavis, the founder of the Glastonbury Music Festival, has always wanted Oasis, to play. Of course, with the band splitting in 2009, over irreconcilable differences, that is not going to happen, (if ever), any time, soon.

However, this weekend, playing live on 'The Pyramid Stage', will be Liam Gallagher himself. This will truly be, part-answered prayer, for Michael Eavis.

Gallagher will be promoting new material from his album, "Why Me? Why Not?", plus other favourites. Liam's set features a lot of Oasis's back catalogue, as it does his own solo material. Brother Noel, with his band, 'High Flying Birds', also features old Oasis stuff as well as, solo material.

Headlining Glastonbury with Liam will be 'The Killers', a band Liam admires. When 'The Killers' take to the stage, Liam will join them on stage.

This gig will unite two sets of fans, in what will prove to be an interesting combination of music styles, no doubt.


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