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Safety tips of surviving from Earthquake

Updated on April 8, 2013

Preparation is needed for everything. Preparedness of Earthquake is needed more when you are living in expected earthquake areas. You cannot predict that when earthquake would strike and demolish everything. When any disaster comes, we do not have much time to survive ourselves and others. When you call any police or disaster management team, it is not necessary that they would come on time. So, we should be prepared earlier to face such challenges. We should have kind of Earthquake supplies at our home, so that we will not be dependent on others as we have very less time to survive after any disaster, so we should be ready for that.

What should we do for preparation of survival from Earthquakes?

Stocking Earthquake supplies kits at our home will enable us to survive from earthquake disaster and also can save others on that critical time.

We should have first aid kits, survival kits at our home to save our life. During earthquake, we do not have much time to take urgent action for surviving ourselves and our family members. Especially in the United States, there are many parts which are highly prone to earthquake; people should be prepared to save their life and surviving from any tragedies.

In the US, there are many campaigns would be running for the preparation of surviving from any emergency situation. Earthquake supplies kits can save our life on that needle moment when we do not expect anything.

Some points we and our whole family should know

1. Switch off all the flammable part of our home

2. List of all address and phone number in a dairy

3. Stock of Emergency kits, first aid kits, survival kits, food and drinks stock

4. Coordinate all your important documents

Keep Earthquake survival supplies kits ready

Earthquake do not inform us to strike upon, we have very less time to survive from that situation. We have to ready and keep some important kits at our home to survive.

1. Earthquake Supplies kits

Earthquake supplies kits contains various tools like lockdown classroom kits, family black out kits which allow 30 peoples to survive one time.

2. Food and Drinks

We should keep food and drinks at least for 72 hours; we can keep dried food, filtered water, energy drinks, meals etc, because we do not have any meal on that moment. If we keep such food for emergency, we will be able to survive ourselves from the situation.

There are many more things we have to have in our house which every family member should know so that they can survive themselves on such critical time like First Aid kits which is most necessary kits should have in our home to give immediate treatment.

Following First Aid Kits we should have in our home

  • Some general medicines of fever, aches and pains, indigestion, eye drop etc
  • Bandages, gauze, cottons, scissors, thermometer etc with full first aid kits

This is how we can save ourselves and our family from such disaster.


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