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Same Sex Marriage: Why Not?

Updated on August 7, 2012

People in this country have a decision to make, and when all the legality of it is finally finished, there is only one conclusion that can be reached. Same sex couples should be allowed to marry.

America was formed on the belief of freedom, and that all people are due happiness, that people can be who they want, can worship who they want and how they want. How does this not give same sex couple the right to marry? Does gay marriage infringe on hetero marriage? Are straight people afraid of gay marriage? Are people that afraid of giving happiness to a couple that love each other? Nowhere in the Constitution nor the Bill of rights are there restrictions on marriage.

Where did the concept of marriage originate? Many believe that until the church entered the equation, marriage was of a communal sort, primarily for producing children to propagate the tribe. Around the 8th century the church required the blessing of a priest for marriage to be legal. It also forced heavy fines on homosexuality, even though it was a known and semi-accepted practice. Throughout the years the church dictated religion and controlled all aspects of it. Organized marriages for power and prestige, for treaties or even property trade became common place. Women were accepted as property, and stayed as such until the 1940's when they were given equal rights. Homosexuals where still shunned by society for religious beliefs and reasons.

Looking at the brief history of marriage and the influence the church has on it, once can conclude that it is religious beliefs that restrict marriage to one man and one woman. This in turn is using religion to restrict the rights of American citizens from their pursuit of happiness. To bypass this the Defense of Marriage act was passed in 1996, civilly establishing that marriage be between a man and a woman. However, what gives the government the right to do so? By passing this law, they violate the bill of rights, and the constitutional rights of American citizens by creating a law based on years of religious influence. Since this country was founded, African Americans and women were granted equal rights under the law based on the evolution of the country, and the realization that one persons does not have the right to control another persons individual freedoms, or to own a person or treat a person as property. How much longer will same sex couples be denied their American rights by close minded bigoted religious intolerance?

It comes down to simple law. Does a same sex couple getting married infringe on anybody else rights? No, it does not. Not one opponent of gay marriage can offer a non religious based defense against their union. Gay people are not after your children(those are pedophiles), they don't want your wife or husband, and they don't want to convert everybody to homosexuality. They want the same legal status as every other couple in love is granted. They want to live their lives and be happy, same as every other American citizen.

Take a stand for equality in American. And remember this, every freedom stricken from an American(gay marriage, smoking, guns) will one day be a freedom stricken from you.


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