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Sanders Debunks Hillary Clinton

Updated on July 11, 2016

Why People Support Who They Do

During March the two presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, went at it in Flint, Michigan (CNN hosted debate). And, in all honesty, Sanders made a fool of Hillary. As I say, don't take my word for it until I give you the facts. After the moment of silence dedicated to former president, Ronald Reagan's wife passing (aged 94) the two competitors got on with their opening statements. Throughout the debate Hilary would make up some ridiculous lie (people took her word for it instead of looking up the facts) about what Sanders supported or didn't support. In response Sanders attacked Clinton's poor excuse for why $300,000 a speech is "okay". But that's besides the point. A lot of Americans honestly don't care if the words coming out of these candidates' mouths are rational or just plain don't make sense. They enjoy short, simple, and to the point. Even if the idea is horrible. How else would someone as oblivious to the outside world as Trump win states? Nevertheless, Sanders made a massive improvement today on his short, sweet attacks on Clinton. As for his message, it's what our country needs (universal healthcare, universal education, higher minimum wage, etc.), but for some reason most people do not see the great improvements it would give the United States. I mean imagine what a "Trump" or "Hilary" future might be like (I know, it makes me suicidal too). One other very potent fact that harms Sanders is that people, without even hearing what he has to say, hates that he is Social Democrat. People in America are usually raised to hate the word Socialist and Communist no matter what. I have to agree that pure Socialism isn't too good, but Socialism mixed with Capitalism is the closest government to a Utopia.

Flint Michigan Debate

Hillary showed no sympathy for the Flint residents in a genuine way. Of course, it's not a massive problem on the scale of the world, but these people have went through terrible things and everyone locally has been effected by the lead poisoning outbreak. Next, she lied about what Bernie stood for. Not to mention, she danced around every question. Hilary wants to have this appeal to everyone which isn't realistic. She wants to replicate Sander's ideas of the people, and incorporate her money-hungry, business orientated ways (that companies pay her to stand for). So, when asked about fracking, Hilary kind of said that it's horrible for the environment, but at the end she had to add that it is great for business. Why? If you want even a chance at competing with Bernie, you have to copy him if not already agreeing with the morally better choices. The bigger celebrity and will receive more recognition. However, I'd enjoy her to keep including her "corporate America" ideas because they benefit the only good candidate (it's crazy to me that people actual support her despite being a corporate sellout).

Fracking Opinions

When asked whether or not the United States will continue fracking under his presidency, Sanders answered with a simple, no. Genius, short simple, and a solution that actually benefits the American people! In foremost conclusion, there are so many ways for a country to make money. An infinite amount of ways. Why does fracking have to be the way to make the United States money? Simple; it doesn't. She only says so due to her oil buddies. #feelthebern

Why So Many Americans Dislike Socialism

Many Conservatives that I know dislike Socialism. Why? The biggest reason I've found so far is "The War Against Communism". During the Time of the baby boomers, propaganda influenced them to heavily dislike Communism and that's been passed down ever since. "How does this effect Socialism?" you may ask. Almost everyone I know think that Socialism and Communism is the same thing. Americans aren't taught enough about the two forms of government and just associate what their Grandparents have passed on with them (basically a lack of understanding). The other reason I'd like to address is the increase in taxation. For the Americans who do understand what Socialism the main problem is the higher taxes. The higher taxes aren't as big as they seem. With higher minimum wage and better wealth distribution, people pay more, but also make more. Furthermore, Americans' taxes go to things that benefit themselves anyways such as healthcare, education, roads, recycling, and much more.

Warning: Entertaining

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