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Sanders vs. Trump: fight of the century

Updated on July 8, 2015

They're each the #2 rated candidate in their respective parties and rising fast, but Conventional Wisdom says neither can win. We say, not so fast.

Why the sudden rise of these two dark horse candidates? One word: unfiltered.

The pundits, media, former corporate sponsors and even fellow Republicans are racing to denounce or distance themselves from NY businessman Donald Trump after his derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants, Still, as demagogic as these remarks may seem, there's a wide swath of people- mostly the "angry white men" that Lindsey Graham speaks of - that think Trump's words are "right on". If a conservative ideologue like Barry Goldwater can win the GOP nomination, so can Donald Trump..

Vermont Democrat Rep. Bernie Sanders seems to be similarly unfettered by spinmeisters and and media handlers and projects an image of a no nonsense straight talker. Is he too "George McGovern" as some of his party regulars suggest? Arguably, McGovern won the '72 Democrat nomination as the covert Nixon dirty trick operation knocked off more potentially formidable candidates. Apparently, Sanders needs no such outside assistance.

A Sanders vs. Trump debate/campaign/election would be an epic match, as opposed to some of the more "mainstream" candidates. If this fervent politics buff's wish comes true, pop up some corn, sit back and enjoy the show


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