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Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT, Suicide and Sacrifice

Updated on March 1, 2013

Fire Arms

Not What They Used to Be
Not What They Used to Be | Source

December 2012

This December again America saw the totally wasteful killing of some of their children.

This has become an almost annual occurrence in the United States over the past few years, yet nothing has been done.

President Obama has vowed that he will ensure something is done this time, can we believe that?

There is always a noise of outrage from the President of the time, at the time but then forgotten within a month.

The reason for this is that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has a far too great a lobby in Washington. It is only surpassed by the Jewish lobby. The NRA’s arm is long and filled with cash. Amongst its ranks are some of the most powerful people in finance, business, judiciary and military. Also many of the politicians are active members. All of this means that it doesn’t matter how much the President promises, he will not be able to get the support he would need to make changes of any significance.

The Constitution

The people of this powerful NRA quote the constitution and that it says that everybody has the right to bear arms, which is correct. The NRA also says that the writers of the Constitution were smart and that they must have known what they were doing “who are we to change it”. For the first part, they are again right but for the second part: the citizens of the United States are “we the people” and they can change it.

The NRA will also say that every man has a right to protect himself and his property and besides, they say, these killers usually obtained their weapons illegally, so changing the law won’t make any difference.


Let us look realistically at the NRA’s points.

Yes, the writers of the Constitution were smart and they did recognize the need for a man to be able to protect himself. What they did not know then though, what they could not have known then, was how sophisticated the weapons would become.

They probably would not have seen any reason for a regular member of the public to have access to a semi automatic or sub-machine gun. They didn’t even know these weapons would have existed, if they had they probably would have excluded them from the second amendment.

As for high velocity power rifles, the NRA say that they are needed by hunters. Hunters? I had always thought that since the modern civilization had evolved, hunting had become a sport. I fail to see any part of shooting a Rabbit with a Howitzer can be regarded as a sport. A sport is usually thought of to be a competitive activity participated in by oppositions of similar status, not a one sided blood bath. Has humanity reverted back to Roman times, where killing of beasts and people are regarded as a sport? At least the Romans did it in arenas for the visual benefit of all, not in the privacy of a forest, for the benefit of just one person’s ego.

As for the weapons being obtained illegally, yes they may have been but if that is the case then the laws are definitely too lax.

Before anybody should be allowed to buy any kind of fire arm, then they should at least be made to take a test. The test should mainly be concerned with the safety and security of a fire arm. They should also show that they have a suitable “lock up” to store the weapon, along with a separate storage area for spare rounds.

Suicide and Sacrifice

So what we appear to have in the United States, are young men who for some reason decide to commit suicide but before doing so, taking the lives of innocent children as well.

Most people will say, “I don’t understand, none of my kids would do that”. News flash, these are your kids. They are not North Korean or Iranian, they are American, children of the American society, a product of the American culture.

The murdered children are also a product of the American way of life but they are the sacrifices that are made in order for the NRA to maintain their so called constitutional rights.

Is the price too high?

The only question that should be asked:

Is this what the writers wanted, when they wrote the amendment?

The answer of course is, no?

Apart from the Jewish lobby, there is only one thing that can overcome the power of the NRA and that is: “We the People”

It is time that the American people let their politicians know that there should no longer be suicide and sacrifice, as a regular part of their children’s heritage. Amendments to the gun laws, REAL amendments need to be made today and not held up as any kind of bargaining tool for party politics or as a pressure device for the influential.

American society seems to have forgotten that the most important thing in a nation is its people and the most important thing among the people is the children. It is not a relatively small group of people, no matter how influential, that wish to hang onto archaic rules just because it suits their feelings of machismo.

Do not allow this act of suicide in Sandy Hook be just another meaningless sacrifice of children.


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    • justgrace1776 profile image

      justgrace1776 5 years ago

      Voted up and interesting...An effective call for action here. But will they listen? There is no need for assault weapons in the general public, even for hunters. All the hunters I know don't own an assault weapon. I know the NRA is very powerful, however, this is one tragedy I don't think even they can defend.