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Sarah Palin...Leader or Liability?

Updated on February 9, 2010

Now that the dust has settled on Sarah Palin’s speech in Nashville and her Presidential campaign perhaps in pre-launch mode we must ask ourselves one simple question, has she shown any capability of being a leader or is she a liability to the Republican Party and a danger to our country’s future.

First let me discuss her ability as a political leader. If we are discussing here her ability to lead the whole of the Republican Party, then I would have to say she is very much unable to lead, but if we are talking about leading the right wing of the Republican Party through campaign funding, promoting the extreme agendas of war, less regulation and tax cuts for the rich then she is very much capable of being a leader; however and very unfortunate for her and the GOP, her credentials begin and end here.

Now as good as Sarah Palin is for the far right agenda she is equally bad for the whole of the Republican Party for her quirky rants, bulldog mentality, and her constant one-line attacks aimed at the Democrat Party continues to show her partisanship rather than her patriotism; furthermore her lack of substance and/or knowledge concerning the needs of the nation gives the impression that she is either ignorant, unwilling to learn or uncaring. These things and others make Sarah Palin a polarizing figure; they present her as being a danger to both Republican political hopes and this country’s overall stability and well-being.

Sarah Palin is a leader, but only for the far right of the GOP; she is a brilliant fund raiser and even better attack dog for the extreme right but she has never shown the ability to lead the whole of the party nor has she shown the overall capacity to lead a nation; her speeches are a bungle of right wing talking points used to encourage a rebellion; her interviews expose her inability to act quickly and sturdily under pressure and if some day she becomes President she will lead this country into a depression of fear, war and poverty.

In conclusion Mrs. Palin is a right wing conservative whose goal is to promote the talking points of the party just like the liberal politicians on the far left do on the Democrat side of the isle and this is what is wrong with America; you have two factions whose only purpose is to control the lives of the American people. I will end my discussion by saying these people (including Sarah Palin) do not need to be in power because they are not for the people but for themselves.

Is Sarah Palin a Leader or a Liability?

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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Palin and the Tea Party may end up being the ruination of the GOP.