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Saudi Supreme Religious Leader Approves a Sex At Any Age Fatwa

Updated on January 5, 2015

Sometimes, countries, like people, just have to look the other way and remain silent about cultures that seem to be perverse. Saudi Arabia is one. The US embraces the Saudis only because of the oil reserves and the strategic importance in the Middle East. In exchange, the Saudis buy our military weapons for a modern military and need America to market their oil, their biggest customer.

But the Saudi culture, like many Muslim cultures, have many abhorrent customs and how women are treated as property. But now the most vile and horrid cultural perversion comes from our friend, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti has issued a Fatwa edict stating that a man can marry a female of any age. This flies in the face of the Saudi Justice Ministry that has issued a law which makes it illegal to marry a girl younger than 15 yrs. old. A Fatwa is the final religious ruling for Islam and Muslims there. In a previous Fatwa, another high member of their religious council, another leading leader said a man could marry a female even as young as a toddler! In this same edict, it stated that a father could marry off their toddlers under Islamic law. It went on to state that if a man marries a younger than age 15 female, it is only okay to have sex with them if the girl can perform and can withstand the weight of the man above them. The Fatwa is supported because there is nothing in Islamic, or Shariah law, that sets a minimum age limit on marrying girls, citing Quran 65:4.

One of these "religious" leaders in Saudi Arabia married a girl of 7 yrs. old and then had sex with here at age 9. The leader was old enough to be the girl's grandfather! But, Saudis know of the gross culture practices in a modern world, yet, are skeptical to interfere with religious edicts that could cause domestic uprising. One 8 yr. old girl died on her wedding day when the man raped her. Many of the perverts are age 60 yrs. and older who marry a 7 yr. old. The Syrian War has caused a flourishing sex trade with rich Saudi men seeking to buy girls found in refugee camps. These girls, between 9-14, once found, sell for $200 to the Syrian family that has absolutely nothing.

Despite the morality on this issue, the US simply looks away instead of confronting the Saudis on this. While the Saudis, fearing an internal insurrection, do not enforce the minimum age limit of 15 to marry.


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