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Saudi Will Contribute Ground Troops.

Updated on February 5, 2016
Saudi Leaders Entertaining Guests.
Saudi Leaders Entertaining Guests. | Source
Damascus, Syria.
Damascus, Syria. | Source
Sanaa, Yemen.
Sanaa, Yemen. | Source

The Involvement of KSA.

Saudi Arabia with its military intervention in Yemen fighting Iran backed Houthis and carrying out according to its statements 190 air strikes against IS and other targets in the Syrian war is quite the active player on the world stage these days.

It seems Saudi has taken the mantel of Arab power and wannabe superpower on its shoulders rather than letting others like the US or UK do its fighting for it. Iran is probably Saudi's biggest regional rival although of course you cannot rule out Israel.

A top Saudi general was talking to a journalist on 'Al - Arabiya' news and indicated that Saudi would be willing to put boots on the ground if ever the call comes down the line from Washington that contributions of ground troops are needed from the participating nations in the grand coalition ranged against Daesh or Islamic State.

The general said that ultimately air power is fine and can achieve a lot but in the end he felt that ground forces would have to go in and drive Islamic State out of the territory it controls in Syria.

A spokesperson for the American State Department said he welcomed any suggestion in the fight against IS but was not aware yet of the Saudi proposal. Back in November 2014 UAE (United Arab Emirates) had also indicated it would be willing to put in ground troops in Syria if it were needed.

In separate developments in Syria Assad's forces are making gains around the city of Aleppo thanks to Russian air power in their fight with Islamic State and other rebel groups.

At the end of the day in any war air power can achieve a lot to quote the general but ultimately ground forces will have to go in and how much anti - IS forces will be prepared to do this is anyone's guess.


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