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Go Green and Save Money: 10 Easy Steps

Updated on February 10, 2016

It's 2016 and our world is no longer the same. "The time has come," President Obama has stated. We can no longer wait. We now need to seriously look at how we use energy and how to sustain the earth's resources. Go Green is the mantra and everyone should be lip-syncing it.

With the economy slowing to what seems to be a screeching halt, the time to act is now. Finding ways to save money and going green are quite compatible. Here are ten steps you can take that will save significant money over the short and long run:

1. How many light bulbs do you have in your home? Have you ever counted them? If you replaced those incandescent bulbs with either compact flourescents (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), you would pare down that electric bill. This is a first and easy first step and one you will have to take anyway by 2012 (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007).

2. One of the best steps to take in saving electricity is to watch how often you use that washer and dryer. Well, dishwasher, too! Be sure loads are full before they are started as these energy appliances use electricity!

3. If you can afford it, replace old appliances. The new models that have an energy star label will save the homeowner as much as 30% energy. For more information, visit

4. Replacing old thermostats with the new digital models can save up to a third of the energy normally used. These thermostats are fully programmable with the newer models capable of being set through the home computer.

5. Do you like to get your hands dirty and feel the moist fresh earth? If so, gardening is for you, and you can save considerable amount on the grocery bills. Eating green is good for your health and when you eat organic, you do not have to worry about any pesticide residue. Start a garden. Sure it can be a project, but also both fun and profitable.

6. After working in the garden all morning, the shower is a perfect retreat. And if you like to spend time in the shower, it is costing you money and is not conserving water resources. Installing a showerhead that aerates the water can really cut down of those water bills by infusing air within the water stream. Not as much money goes down the drain.

7. Here's a simple move that you can make: check those coils on the back of your refrigerator. Ever do that? If they're covered with dust, you are loosing money on the energy your refrigerator must use to keep things cold. Just a simple cleaning of the coils is going to help considerably.

8. New hot water heaters are on the market that can save energy and money. From solar-powered hot water heaters to those that heat on demand; it all spells big savings over the course of a year.

9. If you live in a cold climate, you can appreciate the jump in the cost of home heating each month. Using space heaters can definitely lower the heating bill. Electric space heaters with ceramic heating elements pose no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and many come with the added feature of a safety shut-off switch. Of course, making sure your home is well-insulated will save money on top of that.

10. Dry cleaning bills can be quite expensive. The process itself, though it has been improved, still involves dangerous chemicals. Try to cut down on visits to the dry cleaners by using a steam cleaner on suits and dresses. They can be purchased at local department stores and will save impressively in the long run.

11. Live off the grid! Use solar panels to generate energy. Solar panels are being used for a wide variety of uses from lighting to powering cars! When installed in the home, they qualify for tax deductions. Homemade solar panels can be purchased for less than $200.00.

12. Consider your transportation. How do you get from one place to another? Could you do your body a favor by walking--and getting paid for it in the money you save on gas? Do you own a bike? How much might that save you over time? The hybrid car is the car of the future. That offers a tax deduction when purchased.

Lots to think about when going green. Following just a few of the steps outlined above will save you money. Perhaps it's more of getting out of the ruts or old habits we have developed over time, but it sure pays off when we start taking those first steps.

Good luck in your effort to go green and save money! Visit for more money-saving ideas and how you can help save our planet for our children's children--while bettering your own life.


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    • DarleneMarie profile image

      DarleneMarie 8 years ago from USA

      Great advice and tips wildwade!