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Save Water – A Conversation on Shower or Bucket

Updated on March 22, 2016

The most common debate one listens when it comes to saving water is which of these uses less water – a shower or the bucket.

Frankly, people who take bath regularly – every day without fail will be habitual to utilize both. Our mind does not delve much about these facts in 21st century; we have to understand every concomitant worry is to save a drop of water. Life defines to a new dawn every day and we neglect them in our itineraries. Centuries have passed by we are still arguing on, how to save water?

So, here we come with the most enthralling discussion of every person – does shower use more water or a bucket. Honestly, shower helps you to save more time, but does it save water? If you have already made up your mind, then you need to understand there is a solution to every problem and for every problem there is a theoretical and mathematical explanatory part. Many geniuses have already calculated an average use of water by a person. Do you know how much water you use for bathing?

Unfortunately, I have experienced this conversation many a time with different people, still we never ran into a common conclusion. Such discussions are fascinating when one starts to reveal secrets in their bathrooms. An anonymous friend said; he dances naked on the wet-floor in his bathroom and try moonwalk. What a waste of water!

A standard size for a 5 gallons bucket in India approximately holds such measurements. This may differ significantly as per manufacturers design and models.

CATEGORY – Western Plastic
15.5 in
39.6 cm
Diameter (top)
11.8 in
30 cm
Diameter (bottom)
10.2 in
25.9 cm
Circumference (top)
37.1 in
94.2 cm
Circumference (bottom)
32.0 in
81.2 cm
5.86 gal
22.18 litr
Wall Thickness
0.09 in
0.229 in

Occasionally, a household water pressure has above 40 PSI (Pound per Square Inch). This could vary depending upon your gauges, although 40 – 50 PSI is set as standard. Hence, an average person can use about 20 gallons of water to bath once, but this can even change if your buckets are filled with holes or gaps. Nowadays, hotels or houses have a luxurious bath tub which requires about 70 gallons of water, stated by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), therefore, a simple calculation can tell us how much water one uses to bathe. However, most of the shower heads and hand held shower-head contain a flow controller that limit water flow to 2.0 gallons per minute or less. Of course, this helps to save water unless you don’t bath for more than 20 minutes. Let’s not wait, think about this if you’re in a hurry you might take a bath just for 2 minutes, so what would you prefer? Although, it is difficult to calculate how much water a person use during taking a bath.

You can experiment this in your own house, put a bucket under a tap and put a timer, similarly use the same bucket for the shower. Ultimately, the results could be concluded by common sense. Here the point is we naturally have tendencies to fill the bucket till the brim. An average weighted person uses at least 10 repetitions to pour water with the help of a mug, while a shower effectively soaks us in less than a minute. According to various researchers and studies, bath-tubs are not necessarily more eco-friendly than showers.

The discussion cannot be over here because instead justifying this question how to save water, we need to ask - How much water is wasted? Regardless of whether we choose to bathe with buckets or shower or tubs, we need to optimize and regulate the use of water without wasting it. Our negligence cost many people across the globe to survive without water or less than 3 gallons per day.

Remember, water is essential for every human being. Water cannot be created, it is recycled. Train yourself for consuming less water. Depending upon today's circumstances we shall have the awareness of using water for the right grounds. Let’s not create a future, where inter-regional disputes and conflicts occur due to water shortages and where money, fails to buy a slightest drop of water!


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