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Save our teachers

Updated on August 7, 2016

Good morning everybody. My name is Duha, a current student at Katy High School. I personally, want to thank you, my classmates, for being wonderful friends. I devotedly wrote this speech to all of us: To every student who want to be a student and to every teacher who dreamed of being teacher.
I thought about sharing with everyone a narrow feeling that overshadowed my heart for years. I believed that sharing this with you, the student and teacher , will bring me comfort. And I even believed that what I want to share today will be honestly for everyone here.

We had wondered that it has been too many years that a certain people were harrowed their rights triply. Those people are of course still here today. They are beside us; sharing with us their life. They are reading this speech and listening to my sound echoing through their melancholic but patient ear. Those we wandered about are not demanding for their rights_ It had been more than thousands of years that their rights vanished until they thought it is no use to demand. It is maybe because the Majority didn’t aim for their rights or maybe few were taught what those rights are even. For a long time, those rights had been buried under the sand off -disability; they show up rarely or even not at all. Did you know who those people are? Did you guess who might be those who endured this much? You are very right! They are our teachers. Some of us will go like ‘what does this really mean? But let me tell you that it is not surprising because we don’t know where our teachers today. We may point at them and notice them but we are not sure. Why are our teachers from those whom their right were dismissed from this life? We together need to talk, discuss and analyze .What I wanted to do today is to dig with you those rights out from their burial for them to be given back to their merited.To return those rights back and to understand what we are doing today we have to know really those who deserve it. Yes! You are right we need to know our teacher. I am seeing everybody now stretching their muscles and smiling at me asking me if they can help. Hold for this energy now my friend we will all together dig for the definition of the word teacher first , and so let’s start. What do you think the definition of the word teacher is? Is it simply an educator or there is a far more hidden meaning? You are smiling again because you knew the definition. Yes, everybody could define the word teacher. It’s a matter of feeling and opinion. Now, I want to bring about a single short but meaningful definition that could draw for us the strong hammer to dig the rights with. The definition that I will say is not a final thought. It is only an effort from me with the help of some wise people I asked before. This definition can be re- anchored by your own words too, but I thought it will beneficial to use it in our meeting today. The definition is: the teacher is someone who takes from his or her life and gives it to another person. Whew! We now have a simple definition to start with and some of you look so affected and emoted. This is a good sign my friend pat your back for it. Now let analyze our definition.

Someone who gives part of his life_ is that literally mean that he will cut his body and devote it. What can ‘part of his life’ mean to you? Don’t you think that the life will include time, health, property and many other components? Don’t you think that this ‘life’ must be precious to that person? I can guess that many of us are shaking their head now and willing to hug their teachers. Let me have sincerity from you ,my friends. Tell me honestly why do you think a person will parcel a fraction from his or her life for some few askers? Who do you think those askers are? Thus, our teachers are giving us fractions of their life now while we are studying in this high school. And every day they do that. Yes, and we are the askers; they are the providers.

All teachers fit this definition. Someone who choose to stay on his position days after days; years after years looking at his few little askers climbing from position to position. Someone who irrigates the ages of hundreds of thousands of kids until it flourishes must be called a teacher. This seven letters word weighs the emotion and sincerity of that person. Let me give you an example that will bring back the feeling of greatness to our teachers. I have been told the story of a teacher who moved her student from the darkness of despair to the light of expectancy. Now let us leave that student to narrate for us his own story. He said: I was that kind of student who no teacher ever wishes to teach and no parents ever wish to nurture. I was the destroyer of others life and the burner of their happiness. I was very irresponsible that my teacher will cry and complain every day from my carelessness. I bullied, mocked and even degraded many others. I was like that until one day I felt everybody was abandoning me behind their backs. I saw no one wanted to even blink his eyes in front of me. Sadly, the day came. I decided to commit suicide and pull myself out from this intractable situation. It was a Friday when I decided that this day will be my last day; I will go after school and shoot myself somewhere nobody can see. The bell rang and I prepared to go. Suddenly, I saw my teacher_ that teacher I caused her to wail every day and hate herself. She sat beside me and asks me a question that shocked my heart so heavily. She asked “Did you give up that fast? If you did give up I will never give up and I will keep dreaming that you may even be the president one day”. The student shared his story after three years from that day. He was going to be nothing but a decomposed dead if that teacher didn’t felt her importance and worked to help him. He said that his teacher planned with him for five years every day after school trying to get him back on his feet. Do you know where he is now? You know because you are certain that every teacher will do anything to build from us our skills. He is now a very important figure in his college.

This was only one of trillions of teachers who are doing the same thing. Hear and today we have those teachers; the teacher who devoted and promised us their best. Our teachers will never leave us behind because they feel how essential we are for this life. That teacher saved her_ let say most disrespectful _student life so what say you about those who are extremely respectful? Now you are crying and saying sorry inside your heart willing to go now and apologize really for every teacher. You know that your teacher will for sure forgive you and you deserve that because you now know who your teachers are.After you know what the definition of teacher mean ,you are of course willing to do anything to praise your teachers; however, we don’t want to go back 4000 years and leave beside those students when the teachers were deeply respected. What do you think we have to do then? Why do I see you smiling to me? Did you guess that we have to bring this 4000 year to today’s life? You are right! Is this possible? To answer this question let me visualize with something first. Close your eyes and imagine that you and your best teacher_, of course, you have the best teacher_ leaving on a day 4000 years back. Now, replace everything around you with modern life. Did you and your teacher change? No, you still you. I just want to tell you that what around us change but we are still students and teachers are still teachers.

Now, after we believed that we can still respect our teachers today and it’s still not at all late, can’t we ask ourselves why do we have to do all this? Isn’t that the question you are asking yourself now? Why there is even teacher in this world? To answer that question, we will play a short game together. This will be very fun for my visual people, but everyone can still enjoy the game. Close your eyes and imagine the world without any color. You can also imagine your phone without a color. I know some of you have the black mobile, so let imagine the screen without colors. Take a moment and see if you can imagine. No way! You don’t want even to imagine the world with no colors. Now let imagine the world without teachers. Close your eyes and let see how much you can visualize. Can you find any area of this world that is not affected? Can you find any component that teachers have no contribution to? Just like those colors that we encounter everywhere, our teachers are handy everywhere. We see colors on our self; our friends; our surrounding, but no one spends all his life talking about how are colors important. However, when those colors disappear we start demanding for their essentiality. Humans do not feel the crux of anything until they lose it. It is a true fact that we don’t want to lose our teachers. We want to keep praising them as a grace from god so they will not disappear. We just found out that teachers aid display everywhere and that teachers parcel their life for this world to grow. Can someone like this be forgotten or even abandoned. You are shaking your head because you don’t agree with this. Look at the businessman, is supposed to be someone who taught him how to manage the business? You can’t say no to this question because there is only one answer: yes. Look at the doctor; the engineering; the manufacturer are those all not taught by a teacher before they became what are they now. You are nodding yes because you understood now why there are teachers.

Why can a very crucial component of this life have his or her right buried? Can we remain quite for this? I see you again smiling and stretching ready to dig out the teacher rights back. Thank you for this energy. We are all ready.This was a short bit of curtails roles teachers play. Nobody can ever count the number of accompanist teacher brought. There is over million different job and carriers so there is over millions of rules of teachers. There is education everywhere so there are teachers everywhere. A misunderstanding, however, overshadows teachers sides. Many people think that teachers are only for education. Thus education is an important role in life; the teacher has the hand on many other components. When I ask you who your favorite teacher is, you will tell me different reasons that made you point at a certain teacher to be your favorite. You know what your teacher can do for you besides educating you. You will tell me. Now I notice your face visage reflect confidence because you are very proud of your favorite teacher hence all your teachers. This confidence is yours. It reflects all you efforts to be a perfect student. We are all here to be perfect and show that we can understand each other position. The final thing I want to write is small tips to help all of us on our work trying to dig those rights out. How can we grant our teacher the position they deserve? This is the question that you are all saving. I guessed it because I also had this question. To know your teacher importance is enough to let you honor their status in life. There are five actions that any student who practices them is considered respectful. Those five actions are collected from the deep researches and efforts of many scholars and elders. Now I see you getting your pencil and paper ready to copy them down. Awesome! You are working hard to your best.

Let us respect our teachers by a simple smile on their face. It’s forever untrue to claim that the smile is just a movement of muscles. Smile bring to our teacher bring them confidence and pride. The smile tells them how much we thank them. Let us respect our teachers by mentioning their names. You are smiling because you knew what I mean. We don’t want to be called ‘girls’ or ‘boys’. We have a name. Calling your teachers with their name draw on their faces this deep respect you hold for them. Next, let us respect them by a warm accompany. Befriending them and bartering discussion with them. Under the tree of love and besides the flower of amiability, we can bring our teacher closer to us using a kind word. Let us also respect them. Let us also respect them with a thank you word, action or even gesture. Finally, let us respect them with the soft look and patience.

Those words I chose to match our feeling now. I know we are all wanting after finishing this paper to go and kiss forehead and the right hand of all our teachers. Before we all do that let pledge together. Everyone stand up, hold your hand high and say after me : We are the student of this world will promise our teachers to grant them the position they really deserve with our intended hearts and devoted respects.

Thanks again to my teachers and students friends and those who devoted from their time to read my speech.

With respect,

Duha El-dow


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