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Scam after Scam bigger and better.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

J N Stadium Reopened spending Rs.30,000 Crores.

All Smiles & Corruption - Just in on TV that 4,50,000 Pounds missing.

How can this happen.?

Right under the nose of our prime minister NDTV channel unearths huge corruption in purchase of medical equipment by Delhi Govt Health Dept and it is further reported that this SCAM is only the tip of the ice berg.

The Jawararlal Nehru Stadium renovated at the cost of tax payers money has spent nearly Rs.30,000 Crore.In today's TV news it is informed by the reporter who is staying at the stadium permanently that he has found roof leaking,pavements undulated and sub standard materials found.It is also reported that the sports trail cannot be taken before the match begins.China had made their stadiums for a world games event one year early so that the ground is tested by their sports persons and get the feeling of the ground much early for their men participating in the games.

The common wealth games that India is hosting is entrusted to one person who is known for his technique in staying in power for over 10 years sporting a beard and heavily dyed hair as suresh kalmadi and god knows how he has managed to stay so long in power as the chief of all sports in the country.Our young minister for external affairs could not stay in power for even a year because he was found with a lady in a cricket stadium and other few places.

Reports from UK Govt and our High Commissioner at London have told us in India via the NDTV channel the to arrange the CWG Queen's Baton handing over ceremony at London a payment of 25,000 pounds was made daily up to over 4,50,000 Pounds to a fictious company at United Kingdom in London to a firm UK Films who did hire cars and made video / films of the above mentioned ceremony.

The Department of Public Health of Govt of Delhi had purchased medical equipment by not following proper procedure and had ordered the equipments at unimaginable rates which were found 5 to 7 times higher than the rates that were quoted by Indian firms.They had not followed the usual govt procedure by calling quotations and there was not even paper work found.When the press met the officer in charge of the dept she openly told the TV camera that she would look in to it.

The daily news is scam,corruption,CBI enquiry added with rape,murder,terror,nexal attack,fake encounters,suicide by school children and etc etc which goes on day after day.We can even forecast the news bulletin earlier than scheduled.Even as I shut down my PC there is a report on one of the items that I have said above.The corruption that is unearthed just now will expand to other constructions that are coming up in Delhi at 6 other Stadiums,Roads and Buildings.

As long as we don't have a law to hang corrupt people we in India will continue to add the corrupt money which is now over Rs.30,000 Lack Crores.A sum which will make INDIA more powerful than USA & China.


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