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Scenario Of A Trump Presidency And A Corbyn Prime Ministership

Updated on February 12, 2016
Wind Swept Man On The Right.
Wind Swept Man On The Right. | Source
A Poster Attacking Corbyn's Views.
A Poster Attacking Corbyn's Views. | Source
10 Downing Street.
10 Downing Street. | Source
The White House.
The White House. | Source

Right To Left Or Left To Right.

One can take a casual guess at what a future relationship would be like in a scenario where Donald Trump is President of the USA and Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister of the UK.

To start with there are similarities between both men, both are mavericks in their own way and very outspoken and both are more or less of the same generation. Trump is perceived as a man on the right and a billionaire businessman and very much a man on his own in the world of business and commerce and was the head honcho on the American version of 'The Apprentice'.

Now he has been very outspoken about Mexican immigrants and Muslims as he bids to become the Republican candidate for the White House. When push comes to shove as to whether the Republicans will make him their candidate if he comes top of the other nominees remains to be seen as its not only the left wing who find him repugnant some of his own party do too.

Jeremy Corbyn has always been a champion of what he sees as the underdog whether it be the Palestinians or people on benefits. For 30 years he sat on the back benches in Parliament holding to his hard left views and defying the Parliamentary Labour Party when it came to which way the party would vote on any issue set before them whether the Labour Party was in opposition or government. He and Tony Blair were arch enemies and he defied Tony Blair over the Iraq war and some think he may have been vindicated over what has taken place there since.

So given the fact that both Trump and Corbyn are out spoken men and controversial figures what would any relationship be like between a Trump Presidency and Corbyn Prime Ministership, well obviously relations would continue but it is doubtful there would be a Thatcher - Reagan, Bush - Blair, Obama - Cameron love in as there has been between these mentioned British and American leaders.

Corbyn would not want to get involved in any military adventurism and would probably be very pacifist and find alternative ways of dealing with Islamic State or any potential enemy in the near future such as sanctions. Corbyn at one stage even said he would like to see the British armed forces abolished which has put him at odds with the top brass in the British military with even some saying they would mutiny against any Corbyn administration, he would like to consign the UK's nuclear arms to the garbage can.

This would fly in the face of what Donald Trump would want when it came to foreign policy one would imagine he would take a tougher line with countries like Iran, NK, China and Russia and certainly would not hold back when it came to people like Islamic State or Al - Qaeda and would be a strong backer of Israel.

So I would suspect both men on meeting it would probably be all hand shakes and smiles before the media but inside both men would lay their cards on the table and I think both men would stick to their positions and where that would leave British - American relations is anyone's guess.

The body language is a clue to how people get on and all watchers would study this between Corbyn and Trump.

All of the above is pure speculation and a Corbyn Prime Ministership and Trump Presidency may not come to pass but it is fun speculating on what may transpire or not as the case may be between these men who share much in common as being outsiders and being on the fringe of politics but in their views that is where the similarity ends.


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 2 years ago from Blackpool

      It has a possibility yes.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good post, though all this could very much be in the realm of reality