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School dress code is hurting the economy.

Updated on September 15, 2015

School is starting back up for students.

Summer is over and most kids are getting back to school and starting a new school year. Parents line up in a long line of cars to drop off their kids off to school. Backpacks full of supplies and ready to fill their minds with some new knowledge. One by one the kids go in the school building. Over the past few years more schools are taking up dress codes and school uniforms. Some schools make it so you have a basic dress code of a certain type of pants and a one color shirt. Either way if it's a strick or light dress code it hurts our economy.

How does it hurt our economy?

I know your probably thinking how does such a thing like a dress code hurt the economy? Here is an example of what I mean. We go to the clothing store with the kids to find clothing for school. Going down the clothing area we are here to look for cloths for both both a boy and a girl. You can think of it like a Walmart type store. We go looking for the cloths but all the cloths on one rack has shirts with pictures and graphics on them. The rules say no graphics and no big logos. This leaves us looking at the standard Polo type t-shirt. The people who had hopes of selling those shirts with graphics on them lose out on the sale. So now what we have is a system that doesn't share the wealth. This ends up with those company's not growing because kids are not allowed to dress differently and express themselves. The money that would have gone to other companies to keep those t-shirts with heavy graphics on them lose. We now have lack of jobs because they sales are not as high as they would be. This even goes for the jeans that are sold in stores. A lot of times the parents will now have to avoid the new jeans with graphics on the pockets.

It also affects the spending habbits of the parents of the students at the same time. There will be times that families on a budget see clothing on clearance. The clothing on the clearance rack will have graphics and doesn't fit the schools guide lines. As much as they would like to purchase this clothing for thier kids they wont because of the rules. Given that stores see that they can't even sell the clothing on the clearance rack probably wont invest as much in that type of clothing.

Why it changes the way we think.

Yes money is one factor I'm pointing out. But another factor that comes to mind is the lack of thinking. These kids are growing up being told what to think and not how to think. What do I mean by this? By tatking away individualism for young minds we take away a sense of character. Making them numb and okay with being average. No one stands out because they are told that it's not right. Year and years go by like this. It's not until they are spit out of the system and graduated they now have to learn how to stand out above the crowd. They are now taught to be on autopilot. This doesn't affect the stong-willed kids as much. They are the ones that try and break the rules and become more than what they are told to be.


I know my point of view on everything on this subject is a little different. But I hope to lets you see things from a different perspective that you might have not seen. I know when I grew up we didn't have a strict dress codes like they do now and I turned out just fine. At least I think I turn out okay. Sometimes I feel we as a society need to control everything. And yes we do need rules. But ones that actually hurt us we should look into a different option. Again the economy would do much better for us doing away with strict dress codes for school systems. The money would go to other companies that make those cool shirts they can't sale because of dress code rules. Again think about it.


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