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Science: A Help or Hindrance?

Updated on August 29, 2014

The Science of Understanding

Science has many areas of study like biology, physics and chemistry ad has brought about an infinite wealth of information, where we no longer live in a Universe centered on Earth, and don't walk the streets late at night in the dark, nor do we have to worry about cooking on open fires. We live in an age where science is everywhere we look, from the little wind up toys people buy their children, to the button car key and ignition. Its immeasurable knowledge is as vast as the universe itself, but are its limits?

Good Versus Evil

In School, Science was the most important subject, because without it, we would have no understanding of the wold we live in. We wouldn't understand eco-systems, outer space, disease, minerals, animals, there's a lot we wouldn't understand. Its hailed as the most important thing because of its vastness and never ending knowledge. It builds machines, which built homes or make everyday items. It gets us to work every day, it brings us our coffee's, I mean, it cleans our floors....

The possibilities are endless, I am not doubting that science has the ability to produce good, resourceful things to help us out, but in comparison to the things its created that has the ability to wipe us out completely, do the good inventions make up for the bad? Do w have the right to play God simply because we 'understand science'?

Throughout this hub Il be talking about the many different areas of science, from animal testing to the atom bomb, to understand more accurately what it is science is doing for the human race....

Animal Testing: For The Benefit of US!

using animals to clone human parts......
using animals to clone human parts......
Without tear ducts the rabbits eyes become infected and lose their sight.
Without tear ducts the rabbits eyes become infected and lose their sight.
Proving the point that testing on animals doesn't always work!
Proving the point that testing on animals doesn't always work!

Boo Animal Testing!

As an animal rights advocate, of course this one of those 'science' subjects that upsets me deeply. Yes it helps in creating vaccines and cures for diseases, but my issue with testing these things on animals is twofold:

One-animal DNA is not Human DNA, therefor accurate results are 90% of the time, non-existent.

Two-Animals shouldn't have to carry the weight of human problems on their backs...its not our place as humans to say that animals deserve less than us, nor is it our place to test on them for the sake of the human race. Humans should use humans, since the cures and vaccines will be used for us and only us any way.

And that's when they are used for serious diseases. What about make-up, shampoos...etc. Are these so important a rabbits eyes should be damaged so bad they need to be killed? Does our makeup and cosmetics have to be treated on animals? NO! They aren't the ones using it, we are, and yet our beauty comes at the cost of animal lives.

Deadly Weapons of Mass Destruction

Now, I know what your thinking, why the hell is this hubber only going through the negative consequences of Science? Truth be told, I feel the positive results are plain for us all to see, we live with them everyday. We know we are no longer at the center of the universe, we no that we evolved from apes, and before that, even smaller beings, We know that we, as a race, are affecting our world too much that is is causing global warming. We know that discoveries on an atomic level have helped our survival. So do I really need to go into all of the great things, since we are brought up believing that everything about science is great? I think not.

So next are deadly weapons, starting with the gun, which apparently kills nearly 30 people a day in the US alone. From that we move on to machine guns with the capacity to kill dozens in a few seconds. So, yeah I think guns are just a fantastic scientific discovery.

But if you thin guns are bad, bombs are much much worse. From injuring a few dozen people to wiping out entire towns and countries, bombs are a most lethal weapon, the worst of these being chemical bombs and the Atom Bomb. The effects of these types of weapons is massive as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the end of World War 2. Up to four months after the attack, the bombs had killed over 240,000 people, with almost half of those deaths occurring on the first day.

Its obvious that these scientific discoveries were used as political tools, as with all weapons, which is precisely the danger with similar scientific discoveries. Governments are known for their secret scientific experiments, so not only are they creating these weapons of mass destruction, civilians will never know the extent to how dangerous these governments are willing to make them, ie the Manhattan Project.

Contradictory Discoveries!

Not a day has gone by that I haven't looked at a newspaper and somewhere among the bleak black and white news, is an article about a new discovery, like which cheeses are more likely to give you nightmares, a certain fruit can stop the symptoms of AIDS,a glass of red wine a day is healthy, a glass of Guinness a day is good for your health, and yet, drinking everyday is not healthy, and makes you fat....and here's one from just yesterday: Exercise makes you fat! Of course it does!

So with these new and amazing discoveries coming out on a daily basis, how are we to know what's right and what's not. They are nearly always contradictory, like another one I read yesterday saying that 20 minutes of exercise a day could be fatal to people with health issues. If these 'Discoveries' are going to continue, people wont know which way is left soon.

Lets not forget that scientists through the ages all had very different opinions on things like evolution and our literal place in the Universe. They all thought they had the right answers, and went out of their way to prove it, then other people came about disproving those theories, which is exactly one of the problems with science. We can never really believe much of it, because who knows whose going to come and disprove it yet again. Global warming, proven by numerous accounts of weather change, and melting Ice caps, and still people are calling it rubbish, looking for ways to prove its not happening.

Science: The Be All and End All

One can only surmise that we will continue to use science to our advantage, even going to the extreme of misusing it. We've come to a point where objects can literally be printed, making manufacturing soon obsolete, we can produce fake food with real vitamins and nutrients, but is this really necessary? The world already produces too much food, to the point where nearly a quarter is thrown away in massive food dumps. The problem is not a lack of food, its in the distribution of food. Technology brought us out of the Stone age nearly, but now we are we are surrounded by it, with phones, computers, tablets, and even glasses that keep us from looking at the real world as we browse a virtual one.

My issue with science is not with science itself, its with the people who don't know when to quit while their ahead and the people who use it to their advantage. Right now in numerous parts of the world, scientists are attempting to split atoms. Essentially this means splitting a nucleus into smaller fragments, but there are many risks involved. One such risk is the emission of nuclear radiation. It can also cause a chain reaction, where one split atom can create energy, causing nearby atoms to split creating the same energy and so on. This is known as uncontrolled Nuclear fission.

I do not believe that Science is simply people that are curious about the universe we live in, Surely that's philosophy. Scientists go beyond the moral standards of mere curiosity. I do think that Science has become a sort of obsession, to see who can do the most un-thought of and the most dangerous. The never ending chain of revolutionary discoveries continues, and these last only a couple of months before the next big invention is made. We are hurtling through with faster discoveries and inventions so much so that we are in a frenzy of needing more knowledge, trying to disprove theories that don't match our beliefs and coming up with ways of making our lives easier that its actually making them harder. The car certainly proves that, revolutionary at its beginning, helping people get to work and travel faster. Its also helping people get lazy, driving to a shop three minutes down the road rather than walking, its causing so much pollution that global warming is on a fast track, and don't tell me that peoples lives are easier with cars. The cost of buying a car is outrageous, then you have tax and insurance, yearly car checks, and repairs to worry about. The car has proven itself to be just as dangerous as guns, and no attempt to make them safer is being made. Why do they even let cars go more than 120? Why is that option there? Then there are the helpful things that science has brought about. Now, thanks to space stations around the world, asteroids can be diverted away from Earth, so we wont ever have to worry about another total wipe out like the one the Dinosaurs died from. There are benefits from Science too. Ones that are important to our survival.

I think science in itself is not the problem, its the people who go too far, and hinder the progress of humanity and the rest of the world, rather than help it.


What do you think? Is Science a Help or a Hindrance overall?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Science is not the problem, it is the scientists themselves. They are foolish, and arrogant, and athiestic, and only driving our planet into deeper destruction. Thr truth itself however, about life, beginning, middle and end, the planet, the elements, Humans, the body, the mind, math, etc etc. Actually every single topic, that could be known to man, it, already known, but the Scientists of the west, completely empty of culture, and living on the graves of the dead, have nothing to do but search endlessly, without absolutely no light or hope in sight, in simply trying to prove their own greatness, and waving their flags of death, and bleakness, and all the while, continuing to take credit for anything good that mey have come out of the common man, although the chances usually prove that each and every great dicovery, has all in all, been nothing more than re-arranging atoms, or manipulation that which has already existed and flourished, but often only to it's demise, or to the demise of those who they happen to have borrowed from. Science has no good place in this world, and if it does, it is completely from the realm of the absolute, and the Vedic scriptures, where everything has already been explained, proven, justified, and not just in complete detail, and with a billion times more accuracing then any recent speculations, but has also been in existence, for decades or centuries longer than any other outside known civilizations. These texts also, aside from explaining everytihng from Material, to subtle, but also delve deep, and uncover the greatest myseries of our time, which include those of even the most powerful and wealthy of this current age, which pretaine to who is god, and Who are WE, really. And how can we be happy here in this life, and also into the next as well, and how can we understand our situation here, like why we are suffering? And where will we go after death? And how can we become free from our suffering, and all the reactions from our past deeds, and also, above and beyond that, how we can find true happiness, and Love as well, on it's most absolute form.

      So anyway, I in no way want to claim, just as those who I accuse, in knowing, and having a pure realization of these facts, but I know that all the the knowledge in this world amount to nothing if they cannot include the supreme absolute, and if they deny the existence of the soul, and the temporarity of the material sphere. They are not God as they claim, and they cannot make this world disappear, and then re-appear. GOD, means Generator, Operator, and Destroyer, so anyone who is capable of that, themselves, can be called GOD, not some ordinary man, who himself, cannot escapte death, or disease, and cannot save a single person from facing death as well.

      Krsna is GOD, and beyond being completely full of all qualities, such as the 6 one's which only god can possess, such as fame, wealth, beauty, humility, renunciation, and streangth, to the highest and most complete degree he also posseses, 58 other qualities, and is the embodiment of mercy and compassion, and is also the friend of every single entity, and the well wisher of all, including His enemies. He also is the object of worship of everyone on this planet, even those who choose to worship God's of others forms, and in in-proper ways, He is still the recipient of all forms of devotion.

      He also sends his messengers down from time to time, and sometimes, He even comes Himself, to help us, and to bring us back to Him.

      His most recent and more renowned messenger, who He sent, and who also is none other, than the Servant of His Servant, came to this earth, not so long ago, and made this very message available to all. it is available on this website, and the Great Soul, who came in the diciplic line, that traces all the way back to GOD himself, is Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaja.

      So, if you ever really want to know about Science, and in the most highest, and absolute way, so that you can realixe who you are, and how you can be happy, is through this proccess, the process of pure devotion, or pure bhakti, because unfortunately, everyone in this world will try to try, to convince you to come to their path, but only YOU can truly descover for your self what is the best path to take, and which path you want to take, but the Truth is very much out there if you search for it, and if it is the real thing, it will only be based on the purest, and most un-adulterated love, and it will be free, and will only be in line with the highest, and most universal principals. so hm... guess that is all. but Namaste, and Hare Krsna... and good luck

    • belleart profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Ireland

      Thanks for the comment, I agree. I do think its the people behind the curtains that are to fault for much of the dangers science has created.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Science in and of itself is not the problem. The lack of ethical and or moral

      principles in the utilization of scientific discoveries is the problem!

      Scientists aren't required to understand how their work may impact everyone.They are more likely to be like everyone else who gets paid for their work. Do as your told or else lose your job and or your work .


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