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Scott Brown Wins the People's Seat in Massachusetts

Updated on January 22, 2010

Scott Brown & The People Win


Irrespective of how Democrats will try to spin the GOP’s victory in Massachusetts, and regardless of how liberal pundits will attempt to downplay this as nothing major, Scott Brown’s win is huge, incredible, unimaginable, and out of this world.  To think that the Father of the Modern Democratic Party, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, held that seat for nearly 50 years, only to die and have a Republican win is fantasy at its best.  But it happened.


Scott Brown silenced the naysayers and doubters and completely obliterated the notion that some seats are Democratic or Republican.  As the people of Massachusetts demonstrated on Tuesday, November 19, all public seats belong to the people.  This is a timely reminder that our government is “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”


So what does this all mean?  Why would a deep blue state like Massachusetts elect a GOP US Senator after a near 40 year shut-out?  It’s all about the people, stupid!  Politicians must listen to the people.  Too often we send well-intentioned men and women to Congress to represent our values and needs and in return we get turf-builders and power-grabbers who sit on some high chair in WashingtonDC and forget the little people who put them there.  Do not miss this lesson!


The people of the United States are alive and well.  We demand to be heard, because you, our representatives, are us.  You work for us.


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