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Scott Walker and Barack Obama: Professional Politicians? Ideologues? Recall Walker T-Shirt Design.

Updated on January 2, 2012

Recall Walker T-Shirt Design for Public Use

This is political humor. The image was created by myself and may be used freely.

For the past year, Wisconsin has been an extremely politically divided state. Governor Scott Walker was elected on January 3, 2011. Since that time Governor Walker has been in tight cahoots with the Republican controlled senate and assembly and together they have been ramming as much of the classic conservative legislative wishlist into law as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, with Republicans in control of every branch of government, any legislation put forth by Republicans is guaranteed to become law unless the law is somehow deemed unconstitutional at the Federal level.

Many people say that the wave of Republican appointees to government posts in the previous election was a reaction to Barack Obama's Health Care Act. Many feel that the bill was also forced into law very quickly and without much compromise or study. People say Barack Obama wasted too much time on health care and didn't focus on the economy soon enough. Obama also uses a playbook, the classic progressive legislative wishlist.

What is a Professional Politician?

According to Wiktionary a professional politician is defined as: A person whose sole employment is political in nature; usually elected to office and payed a salary, but may collect donations from individuals, organizations and corporations.

Many Americans think professional politicians are bad because they will do anything to keep their jobs including: changing stances on political issues, lying, and legislating to benefit themselves and their own particular socioeconomic class.

What is an Ideologue?

According to Wiktionary an ideologue is defined as: a person advocating some ideology, especially as an official or the most eminent advocate.

Many Americans feel ideologues are too narrowly focused on ideas and personal beliefs. Ideologues can be as destructive as Adolf Hitler or as benign as Martha Stewart.

The Motivation

Whether or not professional politicians and ideologues are dangerous depends on what motivates them to do what they do. What is the singular driving force behind their actions? Power, money, hate, love, mental illness or a symptom of on or all of these, belief. Unconditional belief that something is right. A belief so strong that a person could never be convinced that what they believe is wrong, corrupt, harmful or dangerous.

Stubbornness, adamancy, bullheadedness, contumacy, doggedness, indomitability, inflexibility, mulishness, obduracy, obstinacy, pertinacity, pigheadedness. We all know one of these. We all know how difficult they are.

I am an artist and sarcastic humorist. I am not a politician, political activist or very well versed in politics but I do understand the things that motivate humans and politicians know these things the best.


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