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Scottish Independence

Updated on February 9, 2013

Will Scotland be free?

With the Scottish referendum in 2014, Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party), Scotland's leading party, has stated his willingness and readiness to develop Scotland as an independent nation, completely free from English (British) monarchical rule. But the latest polls have been showing that around half of the eligible voters are against the single question: " Should Scotland be an independent country?". In favor of this question are 35% and the other 15% are categorized as "undecided".

Scotland, since become part of the United Kingdom, which many "nationalists" have named "illegal", has always wanted to be free. However in the 21st Century the Scottish people have the complete right to be worried. In the midst of one of the biggest economic crises that Europe has seen, parting from a somewhat stable and powerful nation is not the best of decisions. But Scotland itself has an also stable economy, with many opportunities for further development, ranging from the primary sectors of oil, coal and wood production, to the tertiary sectors of education and tourism. Another very big issue that must be tackled, should Scotland become independent, is the question of EU and UN participation. Although the EU and UN have stated that they would recognize Scotland as an independent nation, Scotland would have to apply for the EU and the UN, which, of course, does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

Although the current standings of the polls, many politicians, economist, analysts and journalists, such Ian Jack of "The Guardian", believe that it may be a close call in any direction due to the fact that many people are still undecided and that the SNP has had much support in the past. But whatever the polls may say, the real truth will be known in 2014, probably on the 30th of November, the day of Scotland's patron saint, st. Andrew. If Scotland is to become independent, then the people residing in Scotland will have to decide by crossing of one of the two possible answers to the referendum question on the ballot paper - "Yes" or "No".

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    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 4 years ago from Scotland

      I believe in independance and hope it happens.

      However, regardless of who wins, reforms and changes are definately needed. We need to see a focus now, not just in Scotland but across the whole of the UK on helping those who have been affected the hardest, by the economic slump.

      The SNP are rightly taking their chance whilst they have it, but after the referendum whatever the outcome, improving lives needs to be the focus for whoever the ruling government are.

    • Mathewson profile image

      Andro Mathewson 4 years ago from Germany

      I believe that it is important to become independent now, as I don not believe that Scotland will receive another chance in the near future. If Scotland does become independent they maybe it will develop SNP free in the future, or in a better way in general.

    • Comrade Joe profile image

      Comrade Joe 4 years ago from Glasgow, United Kingdom

      I will be voting against SNP "independence" not because I am loyal to the British state, but because the SNP are for phony bourgeois independence. They plan to keep the Monarch as head of state, they plan to keep British currency, they want to remain in the EU and Nato. Essentially their plan is to have a hereditary English head of state, fiscal policy dictated by the Bank of England, economics by Brussels and foreign policy by Washington. So really nothing changes. As the working class are facing an economic and social onslaught in Britain now is not the time for immaterial divisive constitutional debates.