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Second Qtr Forecast for the USA

Updated on March 20, 2018

U. S. A. OVERVIEW for 2018



Your 22/4 Personal Year

The year 2018 can be a time of marked achievement. You can make progress on ventures with the potential for a significant broad influence, especially if your work will benefit others. When you choose to move forward on enterprises of this magnitude, you can expect a strong and profound impact on your life.

Approach these high-level endeavors only if you’re feeling mature, idealistic and extremely capable. In order to be able even to start out, you will need a significant power potential and a strong desire to contribute to the general advancement of humanity. If your sole purpose is personal financial gain or improvement in your own status or reputation, this will tend to hamper your efforts. If you can operate from a selfless point of view, you may achieve considerable fame and fortune—but most likely only if they’re not your primary goals. Recognize that the work you set out to do in most instances will take much longer than a single year. Be prepared to maintain your ideals until your venture reaches completion. Be prepared to deal with a heightened level of nervous tension, too, at least part of the time.

If you feel qualified, this is the year to move forward with all the energy at your command. This is your chance to begin making your significant contribution to the world.

If, on the other hand, you’re still developing your skills to reach a high potential, it may be more useful for you to turn your attention to some of the ongoing material ventures you’ve been working on for the last few years—and help move them along. Accept the workload you find and prepare to meet your obligations. Be practical, rational and businesslike to achieve the best results. The schedules you have to meet are likely to be tight and the pressure of the work likely to be more than you find completely comfortable. Complete the work, though, so that it doesn’t come back to bother you at a less opportune time. You’ll receive considerable satisfaction as you reach the conclusions of your various tasks.

Be prepared to stabilize any shaky ventures and establish secure bases for future development. Take care of the details and clean up all the loose ends that have been around too long. Start or continue to build firm foundations for enterprises that are likely to be around for a number of years. If your progress is sometimes slow, remember that the work is important and keep at it.

Be economical in financial matters. Make sure you establish good business foundations for the future, too. If you aren’t interested in keeping watch on monetary affairs and attempt to bypass this responsibility, you may have cause to regret this down the line. Take care of any buying, selling or trading. Oversee building or remodeling, as well. Be sure to handle agreements, contracts and other legal matters with care. Don’t look to luck to help you out at this time.

No matter what you’re working on in 2018, make sure you understand the purpose of the work and your specific role in the venture. Don’t spend time—even a short period—if you feel you’re in a rut or feel that you’re not going to make any progress. Figure out how to restructure the work in which you’re engaged or how to get a clearer or different point of view so that your ongoing pursuits become meaningful. When you feel any sense of tension because of the workload, take some short breaks to relieve the pressure. Rest, play, exercise or meditate to remain calm.

Special Focus For This Year

In 2018, you may want to use your imaginative and creative powers to advance some particularly meaningful ventures. Your versatility and resourcefulness can always be very helpful. Your enthusiasm, along with your ability to interest others in your broad-scale projects, can play a large role. You generally prefer a great deal of excitement and freewheeling activity. You’ll have to focus your energies and attention this year, though, in order to involve yourself in the type of significant projects you’re probably looking for. You’ll have to guard against restlessness, impatience or impulsiveness, since they’ll only get in the way.

A good deal of work is involved in 2018, whether you choose to work on humanitarian and charitable ventures or a project primarily devoted to satisfying your own personal ambitions. Spend part of your time taking care of details that must be attended to. Expend some effort, too, firming up foundations for future work. Take a trip when you need it in order to relieve any tension brought on by your workload. Allow time for family and friends. Look to those you’re close to for the support you may need throughout the year.

USA Forecast for 2nd QTR. April - June 2018

Opportunities and events during this period emphasize the development of cooperation and patience. Wherever possible, assist others—as individuals or in groups—to get their needs fulfilled. This is also a good time to form new personal or business relationships. These associations often can be important to you in the future when the help you gave is returned.

Even though you’ll find yourself busy with many details requiring your attention, things go much slower now than you’d like. Don’t force the situation, though, as this can actually be detrimental or even cause certain opportunities to disappear. Instead, learn the fine art of patience and let things advance at their own pace.

During this time you’ll also feel a heighten sensitivity with increased intuition. New insights and understandings may be experienced that can have a profound affect on your life, though it can take time before you see the changes fully unfold. This heighten sensitivity can cause problems and misunderstandings with others, too, but may also attract new friends that appreciate your keen awareness. An increased nervous tension is likely to be felt at this time, too, making your relations with others more difficult. Try to communicate your feelings as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Rest as necessary if you feel lowered energy and vitality.

Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year, you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you’d like. Your potential for idealistic or spiritual achievement at this time conflicts with your potential for substantial material accomplishment. You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance. It’s possible, too, that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together. You’ll find, though, that it resurfaces no matter what you do. Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy, then the other. If at all possible, try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together. This isn’t always easy, but it can provide the best use of the potentials available.

APRIL 2018

Your 8 Personal Month

In April, strong forward strides in several directions are possible. Your ongoing business enterprises should advance around April 9th, although a good deal of organization work probably will be required to move things along. Take care of the financial matters that come to your attention, particularly if they’re likely to open doors in the near future. If you completed plans last month to get an especially significant venture moving, prepare to launch that new enterprise at the favorable moment this month, most likely during the weeks of April 14th or 23rd. Complete the required contracts, agreements and other legal matters by April 29th. If the venture involves humanitarian causes, be ready to devote an amount of your current effort to making a strong start. Don’t be surprised if you have to take time from personal affairs to do the work properly.

MAY 2018

Your 9 Personal Month

An enterprise or a phase of work may conclude during the week of May 6th. You also may reach a parting of the ways with a colleague or friend between May 9th and 15th. Either or both of these endings are likely to give you a good deal of freedom you hadn’t anticipated by removing some restrictive tendencies. Handle these matters—and the other situations you’re dealing with this month—with extreme sensitivity. Chances are you’ll have to face a considerable amount of emotion. Take precautions to keep matters on an even keel, particularly between May 18th and the end of the month. Express your feelings as clearly as you can and help others do the same. If a misunderstanding occurs, clear communication on both sides will be helpful in preventing damage to a friendship. Keep your important enterprises moving ahead despite all this distracting activity. Take time, too, to maintain your close relationships. Handle romantic matters with great delicacy.

JUNE 2018

Your 1 Personal Month

The dramatic movement that began in April will continue to advance this month. Your ongoing enterprises will proceed steadily forward, particularly during the week of June 3rd. On or about June 16th, your significant venture may also be helped along by an unusual experience or a friend who adds some impressive input. Some new opportunities may come to your attention, as well, although you probably have all you can do to handle your current projects. Instead of taking on additional endeavors, you may find it more useful, between June 16th and 27th, to take some decisive action in an existing area in order to eliminate or heavily revise an old condition that’s been obstructing you. Although this is likely to be a very busy time, make sure you’re aware of all the activity and be fully in charge of the decisions to be made. Keep an eye on your financial affairs, too, so they don’t get out of hand. If at all possible, take a break and spend some time with close friends and family.

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