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Secret Phone System Being Installed in a Private Suburban Chicago Hospital

Updated on May 7, 2011

FEMA Activity 082509

This report is for those individuals tracking potentially illicit FEMA activity across America. On August 25, 2009 a Chicago area caller contacted the radio show The Intelligence Report regarding an event which he learned about at a local hospital in his area where he was employed. He said that FEMA is putting in a new phone system, floor by floor, in the hospital which he left unnamed. He went on to describe that all the hospitals calls will be routed through the FEMA system when they are done.

The host of the radio show immediately expressed intense interest in the event. So the caller went on to describe that the installers of the system are setting it up as if the location is to become a FEMA communications command and control type center. And, he relayed, they're apparently in a hurry. They're closing each floor down for 3 hours beginning around midnight on the 25th of August to put it in. During the down time the hospital floor is equipped with a radio to communicate with the other floors.

The show hosts asked why would the FEMA be switching to a private facililty with their work? Thinking about FEMA past history the host conveyed a story about some years ago in Livingston Co. where a potato farmer was basically drafted and paid a couple thousand dollars a month for materials storage of FEMA's fencing and other unspecified stuff. He described that they basically took over in that they surveyed the site and told the owner when the time comes, be prepared to hand it over. This was an example of FEMA prospecting detention camp locations and construction preparations, per the hosts.

The Caller then asked, "What does a private hospital have to do with continuity of government?" The show host's reply was to speculate it might be for special favors; a special treatment situation facility.

So next the caller mentions other issues with the phone systems in the general area, and then queries puzzlement regarding this most recent event activity. He said that there'd be instances of callers calling and you can't hear them, dropped calls, and other issues.

The caller added that he's spoken with all his friends & co-workers about it and that the whole thing is encased in secrecy. His associates also asked questions too and had not achieved any answers. His description implys high strangeness and suspicion. More directly he described it as, "very interesting."

The hosts move on to recommend now is the time that everyone have their personal hand held radios with them at all times. One said to go to the truck stops to get them if you don't already have one.

At that point one of the hosts launched into a talk about what the FEMA phone system is and what it looks like installed and in operation. Then the hosts ask if any installation workers have been running any trunks of new fiber optics to the building, even though it might be irrelevant as it may already be installed, but that they may be just wiring the system up at this point in time and modernizing it quietly assuming that no one will notice.

There is much more info on the mp3 recording at this link: TheIntelligencReport 8pm 082509

Consider the U.S. government has purchased enough vaccine to vaccinate a huge swath of the American population, has been preparing burial sites for mass burials, and allowed corporate shipments of the same vaccine to a number of European countries who fortunately tested them on ferrets.

One report running around out there is describing that when France tested their batch there was nearly a 100% kill rate on the test subjects. So to hear about them setting up a secretive communications center in a private hospital is certainly an item of concern when set next to all the other flu outbreak 'preparations'. It is small wonder that their activities have been deemed a watch item by cyber researchers who feel the best way to prevent a second 911 type incident is to keep tabs on the population-reduction philosophy crowd here within our own borders.

You may find further pertinent details on this broad subject of ongoing interest at:


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