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See Things Your Way

Updated on May 16, 2011

See Things Your Way

     One thing that you will notice when being stalked is that your eyes can be pulled to notice specific things that send a "message".  Same with gangstalkers themselves:  your eyes are pulled in their direction and simultaneously you will receive subliminal messages designed to disturb you.  When you have succeeded in ignoring their little play they have set up for you, you'll often notice a "blind" man.  It is amusing that these people think that not seeing their attempts to bother you would mean that you are "blind".  Their reality is synthetic and based on mind-control. 

     You can do a number of things to ignore gangstalking/controlled viewing.  We must learn to control what we are looking at, separate ourselves from the "act" if we happen to see it and focus on the slow frequency to shut out any disturbing thoughts directed at us at that moment.  I've taught myself to see things normally after years of un-wittingly being "trained" to notice certain things.  They can also make you feel body-sensations that correspond to emotions.  Thusly, you can be made to feel:  sad, aroused, afraid or confused.  I've learned to distinguish my feelings from these "artificial emotions".  I've also trained myself to avoid looking at their cursed three-letter license plates.  You'll look at one and it will seem to be a message to you.  These messages are purely negative and designed to eat away at your self-confidence. 

     If you are listening to music, your mind is focused on that instead of the Binaural commands directed at your ears to control what you see and how you see it.  Their entire reality is based upon external manipulation of your:  feelings, thoughts, what you notice and how you interpret it.  They have the nerve to call THIS CRAP "seeing" and a person who refuses to be manipulated by it "blind".  The truth is that their way of "seeing" things is based upon seeing what you are TOLD TO and it is all designed to disturb you anyhow.  The truth is that they attempt to drive you nuts with their little "plays" and that their idea of "seeing" is BEING MANIPULATED.  Ultimately, their goal is to "train" you once you lose your grip on reality so that you can be like them:  slaves to a synthetic reality designed to control your every move and thought. 

     Their reality is completely backwards:  a sexually active male is a "Ho", a person with their own ideas is "blind" or "deaf" or "asleep".  Someone using counter-measures is a "cheater".  Someone enjoying themselves is a "thief".  It's as though they think we are obligated to feel bad.  They even called me a "crook" the other day for using the slow frequency to shut them out.  They were beaming me pretty hard and I was able to remain completely functional by tuning in to the slower frequency.  My dream is that everybody learns how to ignore this "control reality" and function in spite of it.  They've been massively screwed and apparently cannot see this because they are so tightly controlled by this external source. 

        They have no concept of individual viewpoints.  They are all prisoners of a mind-hobbling, synthetic, externally-dictated reality.  Everything they do is synchronized.  It is a very mechanical type of existence in which thoughts are directly and completely controlled.  One of them told me I was shortening my lifespan by opposing them.  First of all:  NEVER believe anything they tell you.   Secondly, I do not consider their reality as truly being alive.  I would prefer to keep my soul and endure their electronic harassment - better yet, I'll do anything and everything that blocks their influence, undermines their "secret society" and have as much fun doing it as I possibly can.  They seem to feed upon human suffering, so learn to have a good time in spite of these "downers". 


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      Hey, thanks!!!!

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Vote up for this very useful and unfortunately true Hub.

      Thank you for posting this.

      Love and hugs