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Seeds May Save You

Updated on November 14, 2010
A garden may soon provide the majority of your food.
A garden may soon provide the majority of your food.

Ebay is an invaluable resource

 Gardeners have many choices of where to get their seeds for their gardens. Catalogs, local stores, other gardeners, etc. I have found, so far that for me the best resource for getting seeds is eBay. The more I buy the more eBay bucks I earn which when available I can use to buy things on eBay. Which is basically free seeds or whatever I need at the time!

They have a wide selection of seeds for food and for fun. I have at least 9 varieties of heirloom tomatoes on my watch list as I type! I feel that while the market is still reasonably stable, now is the time to begin a seed storage.  There are even packages with immense amounts of seeds for sale just for storage.  They even include basic information for growing these plants.

Just remember when you garden to let some go to seed so you have fresh seed to replace what you used to grow those plants. Saving seeds could keep food available when you can no longer buy seeds.  It can also help certain varieties survive this difficult time.  Swapping seeds with others will allow them to diversify as well as yourself.

Just be sure to compost and mix that into your garden or you will quickly deplete the beds and find it very difficult to grow anything there. Composting is quite simple, and can remove a lot of your "trash" and turn it into Gold for the Garden. Most paper can be shredded and composted, rabbit manure can be composted, all food waste can be composted though if you use open containers to compost in or use a pile system meats and fats should be avoided as they will attract opossum and raccoons (in the US). If you can get a composter that you can turn or rotate daily it will work faster. I was using some Rubbermaid bins with drain holes drilled in the bottom and was turning the compost with a small shovel, it would average me 4 weeks to get garden ready material from June to early September. Composting with this system stopped in mid December, last year we got our freezes late.  They are earlier this year.

Feel free to post questions in the comments section and I will write a hub answering them!


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