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Seeds Of Doubt....Harvests Of Grief.

Updated on December 7, 2009

Seeds Of Doubt...Harvests Of Grief!




Over four thousand,

four hundred and sixty two seeds
lie dormant, many already planted,
in gardens of people,
and in the gardens of Arlington.

No longer fertile they await
Resurrection far from now,
far from all they knew, and loved.

All were cast into desert soils
stomped into upturned earth
that never was very adept
at sustaining life
in vain attempts to sew roots
of democracy in the middle east.

We have harvested many souls
and some strange weeds of theocracy
as well as war lord controlled
branches are springing up.

Poppies are the best crops ever,
as Afghanistan, another one of our
liberated countries which is providing
87-92 percent of the worlds heroin,
while American teens and adults
are planted six feet under
from the poison powders produced.

All across America and the world
seeds of doubt are what
have been sown the most
in millions of hearts and minds.

Almost sixty percent
of Americans are struggling
and failing completely
to see some kind of growth
under wars dark cloud.

They planted a bush
in the White House
and then after four years,
while they were not quite sure of
how well things were flourishing,
most were not willing to try another
form of growth, so they replanted
the same bush and stood back
waiting for it to bear fruit.

Some sought shelter under
the many limbs of this bush,
that promised to keep all safe
but then many were washed away,
by storms of doubt, and names
like Katrina, and Mike Brown.

The wars drag on,
America's displaced wander
our own lands, and the
bushes round the capital,
produced only much green for those
well-to-do, mostly concerned with
pruning the sad smiles of wealth
with more taxing cuts,
while often giving
out grief and graveyard dirt
for the humble citizens and soldiers
of our once great country.

Common Americans who slave
in the tasks of force feeding
democracy to madness,
shoveling endless
dollars into the efforts
as well as thier sons,
fathers, and daughters
into well over four
thousand gaping holes,
that bear only sorrow
in this season of harvest
in the fall that grips America.


Now Obama seeks to turn

the battlefronts into back doors

with an real exit strategy and

one more concerted effort to

make a people who despise

democracy into a nation

that can maintain peace.


The odds are longer then

the eight years it took bush

to ignore most of the needs

of Afgahnistan and our troops

stationed there, while he planted

a foothold in the middle east

to secure the oil we might

someday need to sieze.


But Obama in 11 months

has done so much more

concerning this part of the war,

then bush ever did in his flaccid

occupation of the White house.




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